Vapor Retarder Roof Coating

Vapor Retarder Roof Coating

National Coatings Corporation has created the highest value, low VOC vapor retarder roof coating to create a seamless waterproofing vapor retarder over spray polyurethane foam roofing substrates.  It is especially important to use a vapor retarder roof coating on buildings that have reverse vapor drive such as refrigerator rooms, cold storage facilities and food packing plants.   Our vapor retarder roof coating is called AcryShield® Vapor Retarder A410.

Vapor Retarder Roof Coating – Benefits

National Coatings vapor retarder roof coating is a water-borne acrylic elastomeric coating with ultra low permeance properties similar to solvent-borne butyl coatings, but without the high VOC.  The AcryShield Vapor Retarder A410 is engineered with advanced AcryLock® technology providing superior adhesion.  The vapor retarder roof coating guarantees to prolong the life of the roof and reduce cooling energy costs with its undefeatable technology.  National Coatings vapor retarder roof coating fully adheres to the SPF substrate and has excellent durability due to its acrylic ingredients and is environmentally friendly.

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Our vapor retarder roof coating product is fully compliant with federal, state and municipal building codes and energy conservation programs.  To find out more information, please contact us at