Title 24 Roofing

Title 24 Roofing

National Coatings specializes in manufacturing many highly reflective roof coating products. The premium, high quality ingredients that are combined into making our reflective roof coatings allow for very high performance and California Title 24 roofing compliant ways to reduce expenses related to global climate change; such as high energy costs and expensive roof maintenance while extending the roof life of your building.

Title 24 Roofing – Requirements

California Title 24 roofing codes require all new roofs to have a minimum reflectance of 0.70 and a minimum emittance of 0.75.  National Coatings products exceed those Title 24 roofing requirements.  The many different reflective roof coating products we manufacture reflect damaging ultraviolet and infrared sunlight from 72 percent to 92 percent, the industry’s highest recorded reflectivity listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).  Title 24 roofing requirements are best met by using AcryShield acrylic roof coatings.  Elastomeric roof coatings meet the requirements due to their high solar reflectance and high emittance properties.  Reflecting the amount of heat, that Title 24 roofing codes require, away from the building allows for cooler roof and building temperatures, resulting in a reduction in costly air conditioning and energy usage.  California Title 24 Roofing codes are put in place to lower energy consumption and avoid rolling brown-outs.

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Our coatings are all California Title 24 Roofing code compliant, as well as, compliant with federal, state and municipal wide codes and energy conservation programs.  To find out more information, please contact us at info@nationalcoatings.com