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Title 24 – Energy Efficiency portion of the California Building Code reduces per person energy usage in California – View products which can be used to comply with 2016 Title 24 Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements
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ENERGY STAR® Roof Products Program Charter Partner, Partner of the Year Award Recipient & Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR Qualified Roof Products 
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Underwriters Laboratories®
790 Class "A" Ratings (Updated October 2015) 

FM Global®

  • Standard 4470 for Class 1 Fire, Windstorm, and Hail - SPF
  • Standard 4470 for Class 1 Liquid Applied Roof Assemblies - AcryPly
  • Standard 4470 for Class 1-990 Windstorm Classification and Class 1-SH Hail Damage Resistance - Structural Concrete Deck  
FM Compliant Products 

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Cool Roofs Rating Council Charter Member, Licensed Seller of CRRC Product Rating Program & Manufacturer of CRRC Listed Roof Products
Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance Office (BCCO) Product Control Division - View Ratings Report 
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ICC Evaluation Service®
ESR-2140 Evaluation Report: Reissued September 2019
- View Ratings Report
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Manufacturer of LEED® - Compliant Roof Products
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California State Fire Marshall
Class "A" Listings - View Listings Report 
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Manufacturer of Low Volatile Organic Content (VOC) Roof Products
- View Listing of Products
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NSF International – Compliant with NSF P151 and all applicable requirements. Official Listing

Registered in recognition of a quality management system demonstrated in conformance with ISO 9001:2015. View Certificate.

SCAQMD-Logo “Super-Compliant” South Coast AQMD Products
“Super-Compliant” refers to coatings that are well below the regulatory limits – they meet the stringent VOC standard of 10 g/L. - View Listing of Products