AcryPly Maintenance Guide

NC AcryPly

Maintenance of National Coatings' AcryPly® Roofing System

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  1. Thoroughly inspect roofs at least twice a year, preferably before the winter rainy season and soon after the rainy season has ended. Remove all debris, ensure that drains are open and functioning, repair small defects and mechanical abuse areas, and identify other membrane conditions that might need more extensive repairs.

  2. Reinforce repair areas with polyester fabric and AcryFlex® sealant and/or AcryShield® coating. Topcoat all repair areas with AcryShield coating.

  3. Cut out any blisters or delaminated coating, clean the exposed and surrounding area thoroughly, then apply fabric and AcryFlex/AcryShield and a final top coating of AcryShield.

  4. In newly developed or found areas of deck deflection and ponded water, consider cleaning the coating and applying additional reinforcing fabric and coating to provide resistance against standing water.

  5. Carefully inspect junctures at wall and equipment base flashings and pipe penetrations. Appropriately reinforce with fabric and AcryFlex/AcryShield, let dry and topcoat with AcryShield.

  6. As coating system approaches 10 years old, assess roof condition. As needed, schedule thorough roof cleaning, a full recoat with AcryShield, and incorporation of additional localized or full-roof fabric reinforcement.

  7. Consider an annual pressure washing of the roof membrane to maintain optimum solar reflectivity. Remove and kill any microbial growth by incorporating a dilute bleach solution into the pressure wash cleaning.