Product Data Sheet - Silicone Roof Primer (SRP)

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Two component, water-based epoxy primer



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Silicone Roof Primer (SRP) Multi- purpose, thixotropic, easy spreading primer SRP adheres well to:

  • Most Metals

  • Organic Polymers

  • Wood Masonry

  • Vitreous Surfaces

  • NOT to be used on copper or silver

  • Seals & Conditions
  • Provides Excellent Adhesion
  • Water Based Technology


See table below.


  • May be applied by spray, brush, or roller.
  • All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of dirt, grease, oil, or other contaminants that would interfere with proper adhesion.
  • Do not apply to surfaces, which are below 50oF or above 110oF unless special instructions are secured from National Coatings Corporation. Do not apply when it is raining or if the threat of rain exists. Also, do not apply when the dew point is less than 5oF above ambient temperature.
  • For application details see specific Installation Guide Specifications.


Store materials between 40ºF and 100ºF to prevent damage to products. Do not store at high temperatures or direct sunlight. Protect all materials from freezing during transit, handling, storage, and installation. Minimum one year shelf life if stored at 40°F-90°F.


Silicone Roof Primer may be purchased directly from National Coatings Corporation. For information call 800-423-9557.


Various warranties are available for Silicone Roof Primer when used in Silicone Roofing Systems and installed by approved applicators.


Periodic maintenance of referenced weatherproofing systems containing Silicone Roof Primer ensures extended performance and reduced life cycle costs.


Additional information, product brochures, and Installation Guide Specifications are available. 


Additional product information is available from National Coatings Corporation.



Test Method

Typical Value



Part A is Black. Part B is Beige. The combined product is Dark Grey

Theoretical Coverage


Applied to concrete, the coverage rate is 150 to 200 square feet per gallon.

Solids by Volume (%)

 ASTM D-2697


Clean Up:


Clean up with water supplemented with soap or a small quantity of vinegar

Cure Time (hrs.)


Seven days at 60°F to 80° is required to achieve maximum hardness

*Drying time is dependent on temperature & humidity
This product is for industrial/commercial applications only. These suggestions and data are based on information we believe to be reliable. They are offered in good faith, but without guarantee, as conditions and methods of use are beyond our control.

Do Not Thin

Surface Preparation: Surface to receive coating must be clean, smooth, dry, and paintable. Any debris, gravel, dust, and silt must be removed prior to application.

Weather Restrictions: It is very important that this product is not used when weather conditions are below 50oF., or when there is a chance that temperatures could fall below 32oF within a 24 hour period after application. We also do not recommend application of this product if rain or dew is likely to occur before curing of product.

Mixing Procedures: The two components are packaged in the correct proportions (1 part by volume of Part A to 1 part by volume of Part B). For the five gallon kit combine and mix thoroughly. Power mixing is recommended. Part A is a slurry liquid, with settling properties. Part B is a viscous liquid. When combined the resulting product becomes a thixotropic easy spreading suspension.

Do not use material that has been mixed for 4 hours or more.

Application Rates: Applied to concrete, the coverage rate is 150 to 200 square feet per gallon.

Application Equipment: This product may be sprayed, brushed, or rolled. Use long nap (1” to 1 1⁄4 “) rollers when SRP is used as block filler for porous concrete. If blowholes form as the primer dries make second pass with a relatively dry roller. Allow 8 to10 minutes between passes. For application to smooth surfaces, add up to one pint of water per gallon of SRP. Use a 1⁄2 “ or 3⁄4 “nap roller or nylon brush.

Application of Top Coats: Most coatings can be applied over SRP as soon as it is thoroughly set. This degree of dryness is normally achieved in two to three hours. Where maximum solvent resistance is needed, apply two coats a minimum of two hours apart. Let cure for five days with a daily maximum temperature of 70oF or higher. For 60oF days, allow 10 days. All National Coatings elastomers and most commercial paint will adhere well to cured SRP up to three months old, provided that the surface is clean and free of chalk.

Toxicity: Part B contains a polyamide resin, which is non-sensitizing, however, care should be taken to thoroughly clean with soap and water any skin areas that are contacted by SRP. Undiluted vinegar is very effective in neutralizing coating that contacts the skin. If the coating should get in the eye, flush with water and call a physician.

Safety Precautions: This product is designed for professional installation.

Caution should be exercised to prevent mishap due to improper handling. The use of an appropriate MESA/NIOSH pproved respirator during application is important. We also recommend the use of fabric coveralls and neoprene or other resistant gloves. Installers should use caution during spray processes to avoid falls caused by slipping on wet primer. Installers should read and understand all technical and informational literature on this product, including the Material Safety Data Sheet, prior to using this product.