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National Coatings extends lead past competition once again by developing two new high performance quick-set base coats for the roof coating industry.

Camarillo, CA August 30, 2010-- National Coatings Corporation (NCC) expanded their line of quick-set top coat products to now include two break through, high performance quick-set base coats!

The AcryShield A602 and AcryShield A603 are the answers to providing a full line of quick-set products that provide resistance to early wash-off associated with heavy dew and light rain. Not only do these two products allow contractors to begin jobs when typically they would have had to wait for drier weather conditions; but by choosing the appropriate base coat, contractors are able to apply them on virtually any roofing substrate.

“By developing AcryShield A602 and AcryShield A603, National Coating took the initiative to tackle an industry wide problem and solved it with two superior products; unequaled to any other in the roofing industry”, says Matt Kolb, President of National Coatings, “Before the development of AcryShield A602 and A603, National Coatings developed the only base coat that could adhere directly to difficult surfaces such as TPO and EPDM without special primers.  This becomes a competitive advantage for the contractor putting more money in their pockets because of lower material costs and projects being completed faster.”
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Performance through Innovation®, National Coatings Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality elastomeric roof, wall coating and insulation products. For nearly 30 years, NCC has provided its customers with breakthrough products, customer support, and thought leadership. National Coatings is a charter member of the Cool Roof Rating Council and the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products group, founding member of the RRCI (Reflective Roof Coating Institute) and was twice recognized as ENERGY STAR Roof Products Partner of the Year. NCC's leading brands include AcryShield®, AcryPly®, AcryGuard®, AcryPly-D™, and AcryFlex®.

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