PVC Roof Coating

PVC Roof Coating

PVC Roof CoatingNational Coatings Corporation specializes in manufacturing highly reflective, elastomeric roof coating system for PVC roofs.  Using a proprietary PVC primer and any of our PVC roof coating top coats to protect, restore, and sustain your existing PVC roof membrane is vital to the life-span of your roof.  We have several PVC roof coating solutions to choose from.

PVC Roof Coating – How to Coat your PVC Roof Membrane

When restoring a PVC roof membrane, start by preparing the surface. Make sure to seal all HVAC duct work joints as needed with ACRYFLEX® and reinforcing polyester fabric or BUTYL SEAM TAPE. Coat entire duct assembly with ACRYSHIELD A500Reseal around all mechanical equipment and roof penetrations with ACRYFLEX. In all valley areas, waterways, drain areas or other area where potential water accumulation is a concern, apply ACRYSHIELD A502. Following all repair and reinforcing around ducts, joints, etc... we recommend using one of our premium elastomeric base coats. This PVC roof coating system allows for optimal adhesion to the PVC roof substrate.  While the AcryShield basecoat is wet, apply polyester to areas with minor damage to add reinforcement.  For your final step, choose one of the following roof coatings for the topcoat: AcryShield A500 (best in areas where extra levels of low temperature flexibility is required), AcryShield A550 (premium, extra tough, elastomeric roof coating for increased physical abuse resistance), AcryShield High Reflectance A590 (Ultra-high reflectance, premium elastomeric top coat), or the AcryShield A600 (Fast-setting version of the A500, for resisting early wash-off associated with heavy dew and light rain).  National Coatings PVC roof coatings have many benefits which include: energy saving, greater employee comfort and productivity, sustainable and reduced roof maintenance.

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Our PVC roof coating products are fully compliant with federal, state and municipal building codes and energy conservation programs.  To find out more information, please contact us at info@nationalcoatings.com