Polyester Roll

Polyester Roll

National Coatings Corporation uses the highest quality reinforcing polyester rolls on three of their roofing systems.  These roof systems are called: AcryShield® Roof Management Systems (ARM),AcryPly® and AcryPly-D™ Roofing Systems.  The AcryPly Systems use Titex polyester roll fabric over the entire roof membrane, where the ARM System only uses the Tietex polyester roll in areas that need patching.

Polyester Roll – How They Are Used

When using fabric from a polyester roll over the entire roof membrane, during the installation of an AcryPly System, you are creating an extremely durable, reinforcing layer in-between the two basecoats.  The fabric from the polyester roll holds the roof membrane together and gives the roof the flexibility it needs during extreme weather changes.  When working on an ARM system, you only use the polyester roll on parts of the roof to patch areas that are cracking, leaking, or need repair.  Polyester rolls have the ability to support and help restore roofing membranes, extending the roofs life-span for many additional years.

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Our polyester roll reinforced roofing systems are fully compliant with federal, state and municipal building codes and energy conservation programs.  To find out more information, please contact us at info@nationalcoatings.com