Press Release

National Coatings Corporation Introduces New Plasticizer Blocking Technology for PVC Roofing Membranes

CAMARILLO, California – November 10, 2004 - National Coatings Corporation (NCC), a leading manufacturer of sustainable, ENERGY STAR®, LEED® and CRRC compliant roof coating materials for commercial and industrial buildings, announced the release of their new plasticizer blocking AcryShield® Restoration System for PVC Roofs.

“PVC roofing membranes have excellent waterproofing and fire retardant properties. However, exposure to sunlight and the loss of plasticizers can cause serious degradation and roofing failures of PVC roofs over time,” says Bill Kirn, Technical Director at NCC. “Our new AcryShield Restoration System for PVC Roofs can virtually stop the loss of plasticizers in a PVC roof, protecting and extending the life of the roof.”

The AcryShield Restoration System for PVC Roofs is a breakthrough in roof coating technology that locks in plasticizers and overcomes previous adhesion issues related to coating PVC. This Cool Roof System will provide businesses the option to restore their aging PVC roofs, rather than replacing them. Even if the roof is newer; the AcryShield Restoration System can extend the life of the roof, lower maintenance costs, and provide energy saving benefits.

“National Coatings has always prided itself in developing new and innovative products that solve specific roofing issues in the marketplace,” says Matt Kolb, President at NCC. “Our new AcryShield Restoration System for PVC Roofs does just that, by providing the perfect solution for building owners looking to protect and restore their existing PVC roof assets.”

About National Coatings Corporation

National Coatings Corporation (Camarillo, CA) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality elastomeric roof and wall coating products. For almost 25 years, NCC has provided its customers with leading edge products, support, and thought leadership. National Coatings is a charter member of the Cool Roof Rating Council and the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products group, and was twice recognized as ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. NCC’s portfolio of leading brands includes National Coatings Cool Roof Systems®, AcryShield®, AcryPly®, and AcryFlex® among others.