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National Coatings Announces Support of Los Angeles Private Sector Green Building Law

National Coatings Corporation (NCC), announces their support of the Los Angeles Green Building Law by outlining which roof products and roof systems help earn multiple LEED points for compliance.

Camarillo, CA –May 1, 2008 -National Coatings Corporation (NCC), announces their comprehensive product offerings that help earn multiple LEED points for compliance with the recently signed Private Sector Green Building Plan by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to help the city cut carbon emission by 80,000 tons by 2012. Villaraigosa stated that “the City of Los Angeles has the largest, most aggressive municipal green building plan of any large city in America. Now it’s time for green building to go private.”

Located nearby in Ventura County, NCC manufactures the industry leading Acrylic Roof Coatings under the brand names of AcryShield® and AcryGuard™. Numerous products manufactured by NCC have been identified to help earn multiple points for LEED certification.

“Green buildings reduce energy and water consumption, and improve air quality,” said Council member Ed Reyes, who chairs the Planning and Land Use Management Committee. “After nearly 30 years in business, NCC has roofs across the southland and the entire country working hard providing watertight, high albedo, sustainable roof solutions to meet the demanding building owners’ needs,” states Matt Kolb, President of NCC. AcryShield roof coatings are a proven technology that helps conserve energy by lowering roof temperatures and reducing the demand for Air Conditioning, thereby reducing carbon emissions required to meet higher demands.

Sustainable Site, Energy & Atmosphere and Materials & Resources are various LEED categories where multiple points can be earned by using different NCC products. Industry leading Research and Development has resulted in products that are designed specifically for each different kind of roof substrate found on commercial & industrial buildings whether they are BUR, Mod Bit, Single Ply, Spray Foam or Metal. Performance through Innovation™ is the way National Coatings Corporation ( responds to the needs of the roofing and green communities. Builders and all other interested parties are encouraged to contact the company directly for specific information related to LEED points. Accept no substitutes or cheap knock offs. Be sure to ask for AcryShield by name.

About National Coatings Corporation

Performance through Innovation™, National Coatings Corporation (Camarillo, CA) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality elastomeric roof and wall coating products. For over 25 years, NCC has provided its customers with leading edge products, support, and thought leadership. National Coatings is a charter member of the Cool Roof Rating Council and the ENERGY STAR® Roof Products group, founding member of the RRCI (Reflective Roof Coating Institute) and was twice recognized as ENERGY STAR Roof Products Partner of the Year. NCC's leading brands include AcryShield®, AcryPly®, AcryGuard® AcryPly-D™, and AcryFlex®.

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