Coatings Are NOT Just for Maintenance Anymore

National Coatings Corporation has been providing the Roofing industry with innovative roof coating products for the last 35 years. While some uses have been for new roofing systems such as a UV protective coating on an SPF roof, roof coatings have largely been limited to use as a maintenance system. These maintenance systems are often times used as a stop gap to extend a roofs life until a more permanent system can be budgeted for.

With any roofing system the primary responsibility of the roof is to be waterproof. In the past, acrylic roof coatings have been limited because they can be prone to blistering and adhesion issues when exposed to long term water situations such as ponding areas or continuous rain or snow. In fact, many coatings just entering the industry are still limited by these issues because they are using “starting point” recipes that don’t have the necessary improved chemistries to solve these issues. NCC has spent 35 plus years refining these chemistries and in 2004 introduced cutting edge technology with the introduction of its A502 and A503 base coats.

These base coats have had proven performance against failure in very difficult conditions. They also provide incredible adhesion to many difficult to coat roofing substrates such as EPDM, TPO and PVC. With this technology NCC has been able to develop a full fabric reinforced system that can weather typical roof conditions with warranties that can be 10, 15 or 20 years. These roof coating systems are all acrylic, monolithic in nature so they have no welded or glued seams and are fully adhered with no mechanical fasteners to compromise the assembly. These roofing systems are very cost effective and can be renewed every 10 years for a truly sustainable roofing application. You should never have to tear you roof off again. With the addition of the AcryPly-D system NCC offers the possibility of using a fluid applied membrane system for new construction. These new construction roof coating systems also offer the ability to be renewed indefinitely after the initial 10, 15 or 20 year intended use life has been met. 

Below are examples of how the systems work:

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 AcryPly Diagram










All Acrylic System (above)


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Emulsion & Acrylic System (above)


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All Acrylic & Polyiso Gypsum Board System (above)

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All Acrylic Gypsum Board System (above)


No matter what kind of roof you currently have, NCC has a roofing system that will allow you to extend your current roof, not just marginally extended, but to provide you with a roof that can last indefinitely. We offer roof coating systems over built-up membranes, all types of single-plies, metal roofs, SPF roofs and even concrete decks. The best part about these coating systems are they will save you money by offering significant life cycle cost savings, have minimal disruption to your business during the application process, and offer a truly sustainable roofing system.