Green Roof

Green Roof

Although the conception is that a green roof is a building partially or completely covered with plants, soil, or vegetation.  A green roof can also be a roof that uses a type of “green” technology.  National Coatings manufactures reflective roof coatings that conserve energy; therefore, the product is a “green” technology and creates a “green roof”. The reflective roof coatings can reflect up to 92% of the suns energy.  California Title 24 codes require nearly all new commercial buildings to use cool roof technology.  Cool roof technology is a technology that reflects the suns energy and quickly emits the absorbed heat out of the building. 

Green Roof - Benefits

There are many positive things about having a green roof.  Due to the high reflective ability of the coatings on the roof, the building absorbs much less heat (energy) than an average roof.  This allows the temperature in the building to stay cooler, cutting down your energy usage and saving you money on your energy bill.  A green roof using cool roof technology also is protected from harmful UV rays that damage a roof over time.  The cool roof technology blocks those UV rays from the building; therefore, extending the life of the roof.

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