Cool Roof Systems

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Cool Roof Systems

National Coatings cool roof systems deliver a reduction in operational and capital costs and assure an extended roof life with advanced waterproofing technology.  Our cool roof systems are an effective and California Title 24 compliant way to reduce expenses related to global climate change; such as, lowering roof and building temperatures reducing air conditioning energy usage, protecting your roof from harmful UV rays thereby extending the life of the roof.

Cool Roof Systems – How They Work

National Coatings cool roof systems work by reflecting the solar energy (heat) back into the earth’s atmosphere.  Once the sun’s radiation reaches the roof, the light-colored surface absorbs only a small amount of heat, reflecting most of the solar energy back into the atmosphere.  Very rapidly, our cool roof systems are able to release (emit) the remaining heat that was initially absorbed by the roof back into the atmosphere.  This process further reduces costs by lowering energy usage for air conditioning of the building.  Our cool roof systems ability to reflect significant energy and heat from the building provides the roof a much longer life span than a typical dark-colored or aluminum-coated roof which absorbs a majority of the heat.

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