Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

National Coatings Corporation specializes in manufacturing roof coatings for commercial roofing. We consistently meet and exceed the industry needs for commercial roofing products.  Due to our highly-reflective, elastomeric, acrylic cool roof coatings, we are able to provide the commercial roofing industry with energy saving, premium-quality coatings.

Commercial Roofing – Our Unique Technology

National Coatings Corporation has industry leading unique and innovative technologies that no other roof coating manufacturer can provide to the commercial roofing industry.  Our AcryShield roof coatings are able to tenaciously adhere directly to EPDM, TPO and Hypalon® without the need for additional primers or an etching rinse.  Thanks to our AcryShield® technology, commercial roofing just got easier.  Not only do our AcryShield products stand out to commercial roofing associates, but recently we have proven to them, that our high quality ingredients truly payoff in sustaining and maintaining a roof membrane.  In other words, there is No Equal.

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Our commercial roofing products are fully compliant with federal, state and municipal building codes and energy conservation programs.  To find out more information, please contact us at