Butyl Tape

Butyl Tape

National Coatings Corporation is a manufacturer of a wide variety of highly-reflective, premium elastomeric roof coatings.  Although National Coatings is primarily known for their industry leading coatings, we also have sealants, primers, butyl tape and spray polyurethane foam, all of which are technologically proven to be advanced in the roofing industry and complementary to our roofing systems.  Our butyl tape due to its strength and durability demonstrates outstanding performance for sealing edges and seams, creating a waterproof barrier on metal roof substrates.

Butyl Tape – Benefits

Butyl tape is very important when sealing a metal roof.  The butyl tape must cover all edges on the metal panels for superior waterproofing. Our butyl tape has high tensile strength and is polyester-reinforced; allowing for excellent flexibility over wide temperature ranges without compromising its waterproofing ability.  National Coatings butyl tape is composed of butyl rubber and has superior adhesion to any properly prepared surface.  Our butyl tape is extremely easy to use and environmentally friendly.

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National Coatings butyl tape products are fully compliant with state wide codes and energy conservation programs.  To find out more information, please contact us at info@nationalcoatings.com