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Why are NCC's Formulations Comparatively Better than the Rest?

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jul 31, 2014 @ 12:30 PM

acryshield_pail_no_background-resized-600National Coatings' roof coatings are leading in performance in the roofing industry for the following reasons:

  • NCC formulas are well balanced. A balanced formula is one where the chemistry of active ingredients are stoichiometrically ratioed and where the most important ingredient is not outweighed by additives that are incorporated to increase the volume of the resulting product.
  • NCC’s choice of raw materials is well based irrespective of cost considerations. It is with consideration of the most current technology, the safest choice being the least toxic and most environmental friendly, the best in terms of chemical, mechanical properties and weatherability. To name a few, NCC chooses:
    • a non-yellowing all-acrylic resin versus the styrenated acrylic resins
    • a more durable rutile TIO2 pigment than the cheaper anatase version
    • an excellent resin choice for the specified application
    • an excellent choice for the dispersion of the pigment and pigment extenders
    • most effective in-can preservative and biocide
    • to purchase raw materials from local suppliers with proven track record and with technical support within reach than from off-shore suppliers offering reduced pricing for their products 
  • NCC's manufacturing process assures excellent blending, homogeneity and long term stability  in the resulting products.
  • NCC’s quality control specifications are tight assuring batch to batch reproducibility in the products.
  • NCC assures compliance to industry standards with Product Property Testing using American Standard Test Methods performed by certified test laboratories. Not only do the test results meet the requirements, they are statistically accurate signifying batch to batch reproducibility.

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