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Want a Rooftop Logo? Check out Hard Rock Stadium's Custom Colored Roof Logo

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, May 29, 2018 @ 08:56 AM

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PROJECT PROFILE: Hard Rock Stadium
Home of the Miami Dolphins

Size: 32,000 square feet

Location: Miami, Florida

Products: AcryShield QuickSet A610, AcryShield QuickSet A602 basecoat & TPO Primer

Contractors: Adam Honig - Thermoset Roofing

     River Tunnell - SRG Roofing



  • New TPO substrate is hard to adequately adhere to.
  • Hard Rock Stadium logo artwork and color needed to be precise.
  • Logo coating required superior dirt pick-up resistant for optimum visibility for years to come.
  • Hot and humid weather conditions with mid-day storms required the use of a fast-setting roof coating to ensure proper set-up and dry time.
  • Florida’s humid environment promotes biological growth on the roof-top which would pose several problems unless addressed properly.
  • The project was under a very tight schedule for the first Miami Dolphins home game.


  • The TPO membrane supplier choose National Coatings’ primer and AcryShield base coat system to tenaciously adhere directly to the TPO.
  • National Coatings’ Color Specialist worked with the contractor and representatives at Hard Rock to perfectly match the colors to be used in the new logo.
  • The large logo’s were applied with precise detail.
  • The Quick Set AcryShield top coat provided industry leading UV protection, dirt pick-up resistance, longevity and brightness.
  • Quick Set AcryShield roof coating allowed the coating to set-up and skim within 30 minutes, ensuring all logo artwork would withstand an afternoon shower.
  • The Quick Set AcryShield product was specifically formulated for environments with wet weather, like Florida; therefore, the coating included additives that combat algae and fungicide growth to safeguard against any future biological growth.

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