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Truly Sustainable Silicone Roof Coating Systems for Preserving, Restoring & New Construction

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Jan 03, 2017 @ 11:00 AM


TRUE SUSTAINABILITY                        Preserving Diagram with Silicone.jpg
  • System application eliminates the need for tear-off and disposal
  • Eliminates landfill waste
  • Keeps the building interior safe from the elements during re-roofing
  • Fewer toxic emissions during installation
  • Reduces energy costs by reflecting sunlight and radiant heat – keeping the roof surface cooler
  • Contributes toward LEED credits
  • CRRC listed
  • Energy Star rated

BENEFITS:Restoring New Construction Silicone SPF Diagram2.jpg

  • Proprietary formulation provides superior coating adhesion
  • Extends the life of your existing roof: concrete, modified bitumen, single-ply, metal roof panel, and smooth BUR
  • Significantly lowers labor and materials costs
  • Seamless systems reduce your ongoing maintenance costs
  • Silicone is durable in extreme weather conditions and moderate ponding water


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