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5 Ways White Roof Coatings Extend Roof Life

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Dec 30, 2014 @ 12:00 PM


Everyone wants his or her roof to last as long as possible, using a white roof coating system allows you to prolong your roofs life beyond a traditional roof. When these coating systems are maintained properly and renewed periodically, your roof can be a sustainable roofing system than never needs to be replaced or torn-off. (For more information on avoiding a roof tear-off indefinitely, call 800-423-9557, our roofing professionals are here to help answer your questions.)

AcryShield white roof coating can extend your roofs life by the following ways:

  1. Ultra-Violet (UV) blocking pigments protect roof from degradation and premature aging. The white coatings act as a protectant against the sun’s heat, reflecting the harmful UV rays away from the building similarly to how sunscreen protects our skin from the sun. The sun is the leading cause of roof degradation due to the UV rays ability to break down the ingredients in a roof causing it to lose its flexibility, becoming brittle and dried out, leading to cracking, splitting, ripping, tearing and leaking.

  2. Excellent flexibility. Elastomeric white roof coatings have the ability to expand twice its original length and contract back to its original state without ripping or tearing. This allows your roof to move with the building as it expands and contracts during different temperature changes throughout the day.

  3. Download our  FREE Guide on SPF Roof  Coating Systems Advanced ponded water protection. The AcryShield elastomeric coatings are specialized in advanced ponded water protection. Protecting your roof from delamination, degradation, blistering and eventually leaking. (Download our AcryShield SPF Roofing Brochure for information on custom tailoring your roof coating system to provide slopes where necessary to eliminate ponded water.)

  4. Tenacious adhesion. For similar reasons as to how these coatings stay adhered to the roofing substrate when exposed to extended periods of ponded water, the AcryShield white roof coatings tenaciously adhere to almost all roofing substrates. The AcryShield A502 base coat adheres directly to TPO and EPDM without the need for additional primers or etching rinses. Find out more - download our Single-Ply Substrate Brochure today, it’s FREE!

  5. Cool Roofs lower roof temperature. Cool roofs offer protection and lengthen roof life by reflecting the sun’s heat away from the roof, allowing the roof to only absorb a minimal amount of heat. This allows the roof surface temperature (as well as the inside of the building) to remain cooler, slowing down the aging process and further protecting the roof from becoming brittle and dry.

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT: What's The Difference  Between "Cool Roof"  Versus A "Normal" Roof?

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Choose a White Roof Coating for Protection and Reflection

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Sep 16, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

031_borderIn roofing, there are many options to choose from when you need to upgrade and improve your roof. Most options require the installation of a new roof and once your building has two roofs on it, building codes require that you must tear off your existing roofs’ and start new. White roof coating systems allow you to restore your existing roof without ever needing to complete a tear-off because they do not fall in the same weight barring category as other roofing options such as single-plies, asphalt, metal, etc... Choosing a white roof coating system saves thousands of dollars, time, and avoids adding to already overfilled landfills.

Applying a white roof coating to your existing building has multiple benefits derived from their superior capabilities to protect your roof and reflect heat away from your building.  These benefits include but are not limited to increased roof lifespan, provide cost effective solutions, energy savings and efficiency, lowered roof maintenance costs, and these systems are environmentally friendly. White roof coatings have come a long way since they were first introduced into the roofing market. Today, they are able to restore virtually any roofing substrate, such as, Asphalt, BUR, Mod Bit, single-plies including: TPO, EPDM, PVC and Hypalon, Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), Metal and Concrete roofing substrates.

How does a White Roof Coating Protect Your Roof?

White roof coating systems protect your roof by adding layers of waterproofing, durability, flexibility and renewability to your roof. Most roof coating systems comprise of a base coat, embedded fabric for extra reinforcement, another base coat, and a white roof coating as the top coat. The white roof coating reflects the majority of the heat from the sun, minimizing the bulk of the heat from being absorbed into the building. This protects the roof by keeping the membrane flexible and less able to dry out and become brittle, protecting your roof from cracks, alligatoring, splitting and/or tearing from occurring.

It is extremely important that a roof is able to remain durable and flexible with changes in weather and temperature as the roof will expand and contract during these fluctuations. White roof coating systems can be renewed every 10 plus years for enhanced protection and lengthened roof life. These systems can allow you to avoid a costly tear-off, saving you a lot of time and money while keeping your business open as usual during application. Ask us how you can benefit from one of these cost saving systems!

How does Reflection Benefit you when using a White Roof Coating?

As described above, white roof coatings reflect heat away from the building, absorbing only a small percentage. This allows you to cut down on energy consumption and air conditioning usage. Energy utility bills can be very large for many companies, using a white roof coating can solve your roofing issues and lower your largest utility bill at the same time. Jerry Moore, the Facilities Director at Harbor Freight Tools noted, “After the National Coatings' Cool Roof was installed we definitely noticed a difference in building temperature. It's not a marginal difference, either. It is between 15-20 degrees cooler inside the warehouse and store." Harbor Freight was able to save and restore their roof without closing down their business or operations during installation, they lowered their energy consumption and energy costs, and they gained a cooler work environment.

White roof coatings are quick and easy to install and provide little to no disruption to your work environment during construction. With all the “freebies” that come with a brand new white roof coating system, its no wonder these roofing systems are becoming so popular.

Interested in more information on our white roof coating systems? Download our FREE Product Brochure or contact a roofing professional for more help!

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What’s the Big Deal about a White Roof?

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Aug 28, 2014 @ 12:18 PM

Wondering why a white roof is so popular? Is there a difference between a white roof and a cool roof? Can white roofs really save me money?

specialty_coating_picWhite roofs are becoming more and more popular as people are intentionally trying to be more economically and environmentally conscious. They offer the following benefits:

  • Lowered energy usage and costs
  • Renewable and Sustainable
  • Cost savings
  • Improved employee comfort
  • Business open during installation
  • NO costly and timely roof tear-off
  • NO landfill fee’s

A white roof is generally described as a roof with a white surface. They are also associated with a ‘cool roof’ because they reflect heat away from the roof, keeping the interior of the building cooler. White roofs absorb only a fraction of what a dark surfaced roof would absorb, drastically cutting down on your air conditioning usage and costs. (Check out how Harbor Freight benefited from energy savings using an AcryPly Roof Restoration System.) It is important to note, that cool roofs do not necessarily need to be white in color. A cool roof is any roof with a reflective surface, the most reflective roof surface is in fact a white roof, but you can have a reflective grey, sand, teal, etc… colored roof that also provides reflectivity. For more information on cool roofs, download the Cool Roof Buyer’s Guide

A white roof coating system provides an excellent solution to cost savings when you are faced with roof leaks and failures. These systems are applied directly over your existing roof, allowing you to extend your roof life and save 50-70% of the total cost it would take to do a traditional roof replacement. The labor for a roof coating system versus a roof replacement is much less and you are able to conduct business as usual, with no noise or odor disruptions and no closures during construction.

Need Help? Contact a Roofing  Professional  Zero ObligationNot only do white roof coating systems cool your building with its ability to reflect the sun’s heat but it also allows you to extend the lifespan of your roof while lowering your maintenance fee’s. The sun’s heat is the leading cause of damage and deterioration to a roofs surface. By reflecting the UV rays away, the coating is protecting and acting as a barrier against the heat - increasing the service life of your roof. White roof coating systems are renewable, allowing you to restore your roof indefinitely. Contact National Coatings to find out how you can sustain your existing roof without ever needing to do a costly roof tear-off again.

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