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Summer is a Great Time to Install a Roof Coating System

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Jun 17, 2014 @ 01:00 PM

roof coating systemOften times your roof gets neglected, as it is unseen. Unless you physically go up onto the roof, you won’t know if there is damage, cracks, splits or blocked drainage unless it begins leaking inside the building. If you wait until this happens, it’s often too late and you are left rushing to choose the fastest roofing option to solve the leaking water as quickly as possible. We want to encourage you to be proactive so you can save yourself the extra cost, time, and stress. Summer is a perfect time to find a roof coating system that fits your roofs particular needs. 

Elastomeric roof coating systems offer multiple advantages over traditional roofing options as they require less time for installation and application, reduced costs, lengthened roof life, and these roof coating systems are sustainable - allowing you to recoat your roof every 10-15 years to avoid a roof tear-off forever. Dry, warm weather is the most ideal weather condition for application of a roof coating system, making the summer an excellent time to restore your roof.

Traditional roofing requires a roof tear-off after two roofs have been installed on a building. This is a building code law that is enforced and must be abided by; however, installing a roof coating system allows you to avoid a roof tear-off (indefinitely, might I add) as these systems do not bare the weight of a traditional roof, allowing roof coating systems to be exempt from this code. When you restore your roof with one of our roofing systems you save yourself time - no business closures, no tear-off stages, and an easy application process. You also save yourself money - there are no landfill fees and shorter construction time because the roof coating system is spray applied directly over your existing roof membrane. Business is conducted as usual so you don't lose production or sales efforts. Another advantage to roof coating systems is they are seamless. When applied, these systems are sprayed onto your rooftop allowing the coating to spread and bond together; filling gaps, seams, joints and cracks, covering necessary areas around pipes, drains and equipment creating a durable, monolithic, custom installed, watertight roofing system particularly created for your individual roof.

For more information on roof coating systems, download our FREE Guide to Roof Coatings and get our Benefits Brochure!

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Adhesion is Important when Applying an Elastomeric Roof Coating System

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Jun 10, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

elastomeric roof coatingAdhesion is the single most important factor when applying a roof coating to your existing roof membrane. Without excellent adhesion, a roof coating system cannot perform as intended and will likely cause leaks and other damage to the roof substrate and building below.

Proper adhesion is obtained by the subsequent factors:

1.    Is the coating compatible with the roofing substrate?

There are multiple elastomeric roof coatings to choose from but they are not all designed to be applied over every roof substrates. There are roof coatings specifically made for Asphalt, BUR, Mod Bit, and Capsheet roofing, there are coatings for Single-Ply Membranes – TPO, EPDM, Hypalon and PVC, and there are coatings intended for SPF, Metal and Concrete roofing substrates. These coatings are all formulated differently to provide the maximum adhesion possible to each of the substrates.

For instance, Single-Ply membranes are the most difficult roofing membrane to adhere to because of how they physically break down and the residue that remains.  Therefore, most roof coatings require a caustic primer or etching rinse to be done before applying an elastomeric coating. This extra step costs money and time but allows for adequate adhesion. National Coatings fortunately has a quick and easy solution for Single-Ply – the AcryShield A502 elastomeric roof coating.  A502 allows for direct and tenacious adhesion to the Single-Ply membrane without the need for a primer or etching rinse.  It is important to find the ideal roof coating that adheres to your particular roof membrane and gives you a cost effective and timely solution for restoring your roof.

2.    How is the surface of the existing roof membrane?

Surface texture provides a rougher area for the coating to grab onto and adhere to. The contact between the coating and substrate can benefit from a slightly rougher surface as the coatings are typically sprayed over the roof and then they spread to fill in the gaps and little dips/pockets in the membrane. This gives the coating a greater surface to adhere to; however, the texture cannot be too harsh as this can also create air pockets between the coating and the roof substrate. It is very important to pressure wash and clean the substrate before any application begins to insure that there is no dirt, film or other residue that could prohibit the coating from directly adhering to the substrate. You also need to make sure there are no areas on the existing roof that are not 100% adhered to the substrate. If so, you need to remove these areas before applying the roof coating as this can also cause air pockets and defects in the roof coating system. 

3.    Cohesion

Lastly, we will discuss cohesion or the coatings properties that produce the strength and bonding ability to hold itself together as a cured and durable coating. Weather conditions, coating thicknesses and cure times are all factors that can either enhance or diminish the cohesion in the coating.  It is necessary and important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended application guidelines as each manufacturer has different requirements for obtaining ideal cohesion.

To learn more about National Coatings elastomeric roof coatings and restoration systems, download our FREE Benefits Brochure.


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What is "Critical Peak Pricing?" How does it Relate to Roofing?

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, May 08, 2014 @ 11:00 AM
More specifically: How can electrical utility initiatives help me save money when I coat my roof white?

Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) is a pricing model used by electrical utilities where the cost per kilowatt-hour varies, depending on time of day.  Electricity peak demand times, usually in the afternoon in the summer, will be charged at a premium or higher rate than other times during a 24 hour period.  The term "net metering" is sometimes used to determine and record peak demand.   Electrical utility companies have begun installing "net meters" that calculate kilowatt usage during "peak demand" and "normal or low demand" periods.  This information is used to determine costs based on this two-tier pricing model. 

"So how does this relate to roofing?" If the user can reduce electrical usage, they will save money.  This can easily be accomplished by reducing air conditioning electricity usage.  A very easy and cost-efficient way to achieve this is to coat the building's roof with a white reflective roof coating

The roof life extension benefits of white reflective roof coatings have been well documented.  Now, the initiative described above offers even more of an incentive to coat your roofs white with National Coatings AcryShield roof coatings. Download our Roof Coating Systems brochure to find out more.
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