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AcryShield Roof Coating Systems Make Waterproofing Your Commercial Roof Easy

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, May 26, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

Spray_pic.pngThere is no easier way to waterproof your commercial roof than spray applying a monolithic membrane on top of your existing, failing roof.

AcryShield roof coating systems are installed in a few simple steps: a layer of AcryShield base coat with polyester reinforcing fabric embedded into the base coat if necessary, and lastly a layer of AcryShield top coat. These systems are applied over a wide range of roofing membranes to give your existing roof superior waterproofing, industry leading UV protection, dirt pick-up resistance, tenacious adhesion and resistance to ponded water.

A few reasons the AcryShield coatings provide ease of application:

  • Need Help? Contact a Roofing  Professional  Zero ObligationApplying an AcryShield roof coating systems over your existing roof eliminates a costly and timely roof tear-off.
  • These systems are spray applied, removing any need for patching and sealing areas around HVAC equipment, pipes, skylights, etc… These systems are sprayed around those hard to reach and hard to seal areas to create a seamless system for excellent waterproofing.
  • No business closure during installation. Throughout installation, there are minimal noise disruptions because there is no drilling, nailing or seam welding during application. The roof coatings used in these systems contain low or even ZERO VOC’s, with no harmful or strong odors, allowing you to keep your business open.
  • The AcryShield A502 basecoat eliminates the need for traditional primers or etching rinses to be applied and captured before the base coat can be applied on top of EPDM, Hypalon or TPO. This allows contractors to eliminate installation stages and building owners to save money.
  • Installation time is fast with minimal steps and can even be quicker when using the AcryShield Quick-Set base and top coats. These Quick-Set products are formulated to set rapidly in order to resist early wash-off associated with heavy dew and light rain.

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Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof Coating System for Google

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jan 08, 2015 @ 11:30 AM
A Spray Polyurethane Foam Roof Coating Case History


Size: approximately 26,750 square feet
System: National Coatings AcryShield® SPF Roofing System

A building at the Google headquarters, otherwise known as Googleplex, in Mountain View, California was undergoing a major remodel and needed a new roof. They choose to restore their current roof with an AcryShield SPF Roofing System.

The AcryShield SPF Roofing System allowed them to gain additional roof insulation, increasing their R-Values to R-6 of insulation per inch. The new roofing system provided them with a fully adhered, energy efficient, highly reflective Cool Roof that will provide excellent energy cost-savings and increased employee comfort.

Google's original roof was aged and needed extensive repairs done and the AcryShield SPF Roofing System was able to provide them with a roofing system that met all their goals and offered a seamless, monolithic, waterproofed roofing membrane without an extensive and costly tear-off. They saved money and protected the environment by reducing already overflowing landfill waste.

SPF Roof Coating




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Case History - Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley Medical Office Building

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jul 10, 2014 @ 12:00 PM


Kaiser Antelope Valley4 small resized 600

Completed: June 2014
Contractor: Courtney Roofing
Size: approximately 50,000 SF
System: National Coatings SPF system with granule lock coat
Warranty Term: 20 years

Kaiser Permanente approached National Coatings requesting a roofing system with a 20 year warranty that could provide them with high reflectivity to combat the harsh Ultra-Violet rays from the high desert. It was also necessary that the roofing system delivers superior durability due to the roof having high foot traffic to be able to service the HVAC system and solar panels.

The goal was to combine both of these high reflectivity and superior durability properties into one system by embedding a course of granules between two coats of AcryShield A510 topcoat. This created a system where maximum reflectivity could be achieved while not sacrificing the high durability of a granulated surface.

Walkways were also installed by applying National Coatings AcryShield A550 for even more durability. The A550 was applied in a sand color to provide contrast creating a tan on white leaving Kaiser with very good looking rooftop.

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Kaiser Antelope Valley2 resized 600
Kaiser Antelope Valley3 small resized 600

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