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AcryShield Roof Systems Provide Protection Against Extreme Wind Uplift and Severe Hail Damage over Structural Concrete Decks

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Apr 19, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

hail.jpgIn light of the recent hailstorm in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, which caused extensive damage to rooftops due to marble-sized hail, we want to remind you that in November of 2015, we obtained FM Approvals for resistance to extreme wind uplift and severe hail damage over structural concrete decks. 

The FM 4470 Report National Coatings has obtained, affirms that multiple AcryShield elastomeric roof coatings meet FM Approvals’ requirements for Class 1-990 windstorm classification and Class 1-SH hail damage resistance when applied over structural concrete decks. Using various AcryShield base and top coats in order to create an elastomeric roof coating system, will deliver a roofing system that can withstand wind uplift and resistance to severe hail damage.

Our elastomeric roof coating systems not only provide excellent protection against wind and hail, but these systems also offer a non-intrusive application process, reduced roof maintenance, zero and ultra low VOC’s, a monolithic and seamless membrane, quick installation, energy savings, cost effectiveness, renewability and sustainability, ponded water protection, and superior waterproofing.

For more information on protecting your roof against hail and wind damage, call us at 800-423-9557 or download our Full Product Brochure. Click the link to review our FM report: Standard 4470 for Class 1-990 Windstorm Classification and Class 1-SH Hail Damage Resistance - Structural Concrete Deck

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