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Commercial Roofing Contractors Choose National Coatings

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Oct 27, 2015 @ 12:17 PM

commerical roofingRoof coating manufacturer’s focus on delivering products that perform, here at National Coatings, we focus on our products and our customers.

We are constantly striving to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of durable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly weatherproofing. Our products have had over 34 years of proven performance and have been in service on hundreds of millions of square feet of low-slope, commercial roofs across the United States and various other countries. The AcryShield roof coating line has more UV blocking pigments, are richer in performance polymers, providing strength, elasticity, adhesion and durability, contain ultra low or ZERO VOC’s, have few water sensitive ingredients, and incorporate advanced microbial protection. The AcryShield products meet rigorous standards set by ASTM, AIA, FM, ICC-ES, UL, ENERGY STAR, CRRC, Miami-Dade County, and LEED. It is no wonder why Fortune 500 customers choose our top of the line, award winning, and industry leading roof coatings to solve their roofing needs. 

Now that we’ve discussed our superior product performance and technical innovations, lets discuss our customers. National Coatings is a company that focuses “on the people”. Internally, National Coatings is known for their family values, morals, and support to their employee’s and their families. Externally, we are known for having a dedicated customer service staff that is willing to go above and beyond to help and assistance our customers in order to provide a smooth and friendly experience using our products. Read some of our customer’s experiences below:

  • "The collaboration for the project with National Coatings was very helpful along the way. The change to theDownload our FREE Roof Coating Systems Benefits Brochure quick set product was accomplished on the fly and was a seamless effort due to the intimate association during the life cycle of the project. It would not have been successful otherwise as the timing was at the end of the season"Anthony J. Berzinas, Facilities Project Manager at California Lottery Commission

  • "National Coatings Corporation was helpful from start to finish. We chose them because their products reduce waste going to landfills, they are environmentally friendly with lower installation costs. The coatings are energy efficient and can be maintained indefinitely. We are very happy with the performance of our new National Coatings roof!" Luiz Lopez, Project Manager for Health Care and Hospital Facilities across California 

  • "I appreciate the effort that National Coatings put in to this [Reliant Stadium] project. National Coatings was very responsive to our needs in getting us the materials that we needed, when we needed them. Without the team effort from all players, this project could not have been completed on time." Larry Hubbard, Owner of Texas Commercial Finishes 

If you are interested in working with National Coatings, contact us at 800-423-9557 or fill out our Approved Applicator form. If you are interested in our superior line of high quality roof coatings, download our Free Product Brochure.

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National Coatings Receives New ICC-ES Evaluation Report

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Apr 23, 2015 @ 11:00 AM

National Coatings Receives New ICC-ES Evaluation Report Adding Several Systems and Compliancy for 2012 International Building Code® (IBC) 

National Coatings Corporation (NCC) is pleased to announce the delivery of their upgraded ICC-ES evaluation report - ESR #2140. This new report provides evidence that the four recently added AcryShield Roofing Systems meet code requirements and includes the addition of the AcryShield and AcryPly Roof Coating Systems compliancy with the new 2012 IBC codes.

ICC-ES Evaluation Reports are utilized by building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, designers and others to provide a basis for using or approving roofing systems in construction projects under the 2012, 2009 and 2006 International Building Code.

ICC-ES thoroughly examined National Coatings’ roof coating systems information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to ensure these roofing systems are code-compliant. The addition of our newly compliant roofing systems increases our total approved AcryShield Roof Assemblies to fifteen. These roofing systems are ideal for new construction, restoration, maintenance and roof repairs.

“We are proud to continually improve and expand our ratings and reports on all our AcryShield and AcryPly Roof Coating Systems.” says Matt Kolb, President of National Coatings Corporation. “These roofing systems provide the roofing industry with superior, long-term performance capabilities that meet stringent building codes and regulations set by IBC.”

Download our FREE Benefits Brochure For Detailed Information On Our Systems & Coatings

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7 Best Websites Dedicated to Providing Accurate Roofing Solutions

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Sep 25, 2014 @ 03:00 PM

North-Garner-Google-Earth-Image1National Coatings prides themselves on their dedicated customer service and ability to truly help those who are in need of roofing solutions. Therefore, we wanted to provide a list of websites that are excellent tools for gathering roofing information and roofing solutions.

  1. Energy Star Roof Products for Consumers
    ENERGY STAR qualified roof products can help reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in buildings, and can reduce peak cooling demand by 10-15 percent. (Check out NCC’s Energy Star rated products)

    Fun Fact - Twice, National Coatings has been selected from over 175 major roofing manufacturers as the EPA's ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year. These prestigious awards not only recognize outstanding success at promoting energy-efficient roof products, but also single out National Coatings for its innovative use of decision-making software tools, its dedication to promoting quality & long-term performance, and its intensive efforts to educate contractors, specifier’s and building owners surrounding Cool Roof Systems that offer superior weatherproofing at lower energy & life-cycle costs. NCC is the only roofing products manufacturer to receive this award to date.
  1. CRRC - Cool Roofs Rating Council
    The Cool Roof Rating Council was created in 1998 to develop accurate and credible methods for evaluating and labeling the solar reflectance and thermal emittance (radiative properties) of roofing products and to disseminate the information to all interested parties. (Check out NCC’s CRRC rated products)
  1. RRCI – The Reflective Roof Coatings Institute
    RRCI is the premier forum for reflective roof coatings discussion and, as such, membership is open to all who have an interest in reflective roof coatings, including architects, applicators and manufacturers. However, our primary members are manufacturers of reflective roof coatings and raw material suppliers.
  1. NRCA – The National Roofing Contractors Association
    NRCA has been the professional voice of its members since 1886. With more than 3,600 members, NRCA is the leading authority in the roofing industry for information, education, technical assistance, advocacy, publications, programs and support that help your business grow.
  1. WSRCA – The Western States Roofing Contractors Association
    The Western States Roofing Contractors Association has been servicing the western United States roofing profession since 1974. Our 600+ members are educated, professional roofing contractors and vendors who are committed to providing the highest quality service to customers.
  1. RCI – Roof Consultants Institute
    RCI's Professional Membership includes over 1800 skilled individuals, whose specialties include designing, repairing and managing roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall assemblies. Many also specialize in forensic investigation, expert witness testimony and construction document preparation.
  1. RCMA – Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association
    The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association - is a strategic partnership of roof coating manufacturers and affiliates that provides a unified voice to advance, promote, and expand the international market for roof coatings through education, technical advancement, and advocacy of industry issues.

Are you looking for roofing solutions for your aged or leaking building? Consider roof coatings - Download our Free Guide to Buying Roof Coatings for more information. For a full list of all of National Coatings product ratings, look at our Credentials & Ratings webpage.

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