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Coating Metal Roofs

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jun 05, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Can I Coat Metal Roofs?

How Do I Coat Metal Roofs?  

Coat Metal RoofsCoating metal roofs using the AcryShield Roof Maintenance System, ARM, is relatively easy.  But first, it is vitally important that the roof be evaluated for the type of metal and original coating used (if any).

If the roof is not coated, it is important to know the metal type.  If the roof is galvanized steel, aluminum, or Galvalume, the roof can easily be coated after a thorough pressure wash, rinse and drying.  Weathering of these metals causes a tough "scale" to develop on the surface which actually increases the adhesion of the coating to the metal.  Two coats of AcryShield roof coating are then applied.  AcryShield A500 or A510 is recommended for colder climates, while A400 is recommended for warmer more temperate climates. (See Metal Roof Membranes for more information.)

If the roof is steel and there is no "red rust" (iron oxide), then the roof can be coated as above.  However, if there is "red rust" present, this must be removed with a wire brush or wire wheel fitted to an electric drill.  After the rust is removed and wiped clean, RustShield A120 primer is immediately applied.  The RustShield primer contains a unique additive that prevents "flash rusting", discoloration of the coating due to the fresh steel's chemical reaction with the waterborne coating. 

If the metal had been previously coated, the roof is first cleaned as in the uncoated metal coating procedure above, and then coated with the AcryShield coatings.One key distinction: If the coating is Kynar or other PVDF coating chemistry, then AcryShield A130 normally recommended for coating PVC roofing is applied at 0.5 gallons/ SQ.  This acts as a primer to provide adequate adhesion of the AcryShield topcoat to the underlying coated metal.   

Details Seams and Penetrations:
After cleaning, details such as fasteners, penetrations, lap seams and standing seams are made watertight using butyl caps (applied to exposed fasteners) and butyl tape applied to lap and standing seams.  As an alternative, AcryFlex A150/151 and polyester mesh T272 can be applied to seams.

For additional information on metal roofing, download our FREE Metal Roofing Brochure and check out some of our Metal Roof Case Histories – U.S. Coast Guard Hangar at LAX, Hundley Hardware Co., GateGourmet, and Sears Warehouse.

Coat Metal Roofs

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Does Metal Roof Paint - aka Metal Roof Coating - Reduce Corrosion on my Metal Roof?

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Apr 29, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Metal roof paintTo begin this article, we’d like to explain the term metal roof paint and metal roof coatings often referred to each other as the same. While this is fine with us, we will use the term metal roof coating because the word “coating” is the proper terminology as these products are thicker, more flexible and last longer than traditional paint. A paint could not provide the protection and durability a roof needs in order to survive the sun’s UV ray exposure, as well as, other harsh elements a roof endures throughout the year.

Now, back to the question – Do metal roof coatings reduce corrosion on my metal roof? YES! Coatings are excellent at reducing and inhibiting further rust from developing. The RustShield A120 is an excellent primer for metal roofs because it was specifically engineered to combat flash rusting and provide outstanding corrosion protection.

Metal roof paintNext you are probably wondering how do you restore a metal roof that has rust corrosion? Well, on a typical aged metal roof, rust exists. In these areas, the rust must be removed either by cutting the sections of metal out that have rusted all the way through or by using a rust-inhibiting primer (RustShield A120) to stop the rust from spreading further. Butyl tape is then placed on all seams and screw penetrations and a polyester fabric is then embedded into the base coat at these areas to ensure a fully sealed and waterproof roof membrane. Lastly, an AcryShield acrylic topcoat with high reflectivity and durability is applied.  These topcoats can be color matched to your liking (see the picture below). Our topcoats provide excellent UV protection, longevity and are formulated for superior dirt pick-up resistance.

Metal roof paint

For additional information on metal roofing, download our FREE Metal Roofing Brochure and check out some of our Metal Roof Case Histories – U.S. Coast Guard Hangar at LAX, Hundley Hardware Co., GateGourmet, and Sears Warehouse.

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Resolving Metal Roofing Issues with a Cost Effective Roof Coating System

Posted by Nicole Gale on Wed, Dec 11, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

The AcryShield Roof Maintenance (ARM) Systems is an ideal roof coating system as it provides an excellent alternative to a metal roof replacement with half the cost and much less time and labor.

A Cost Effective Approach to Roof Failures

metal roofingChoosing a fluid applied roofing system to restore your aging, failing and/or leaking metal roof eliminates a roof tear-off completely. The AcryShield Roof Maintenance System is an economical approach as material costs and labor are minimalized, replacing only necessary areas/panels – not the entire roof.  The ARM System allows you to operate your business as usual, with no loss of time to the tenants or occupants inside the building. This permits you to stay open during application with minimal noise disruption and no harmful or strong odors. These systems are renewable indefinitely; delivering an environmentally friendly system that preserves your existing roof membrane while eliminating any landfill wasteand fees. The ARM System can be recoated every 10 or so years, allowing you to keep your existing roof watertight without ever having to worry about a costly traditional roof replacement.

How the ARM System Works

metal roofing

The ARM System over metal roofing uses our RustShield A120 to insure excellent adhesion and provide outstanding resistance to flash rusting. All seams and fasteners are reinforced with butyl tape to insure a tight seal at these locations. The roof is then coated with a pass of our Acryshield coating tinted to a light or dark gray. This insures all components are protected and allows faster curing times by using a darker color.  Then a coat of AcryShield top coat (which can be custom tinted to match your building scheme) is applied delivering industry leading UV protection, longevity and brightness. These top coats are formulated for superior dirt pick-up resistance and protection against biological attach, such as algae and mold.

Additional Benefits
This fluid applied system is custom tailored to solve your particular metal roofing issues, as it is spray applied - creating a seamless, fully adhered, and watertight membrane over the existing metal roof.  The ARM System simultaneously acts as a protectant to your existing metal roof and a Cool Roof System. These roofing systems are loaded with high levels of UV blocking pigments that fight against early roof degradation caused by sun damage and UV rays, reducing your roof maintenance costs. At the same time, the UV blocking pigments reflect the sun’s heat away from the building and in turn, keep the air temperature inside the building substantially lower. With a long history of proven performance, the AcryShield Roof Maintenance System is an ideal choice for restoring your metal roof. If you are interested in reading some of our metal roofing case histories, check out the U.S. Coast Guard Hangar at LAX, Sears Warehouse, and Hundley Hardware Co.

For more information regarding our Metal Roofing Systems, download our Metal Roof Brochure – it’s FREE!


metal roofing

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