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Aged Metal Roof Restored with Custom Colored Roof Coating System

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Oct 16, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

Case History of Lihue Airport in Kauai, HI

Size: approximately 146,875 SF
System: National Coatings AcryShield® Restoration System

Want More Info? Download our FREE  Metal Coatings  Guide Lihue Airport, located on the Island of Kauai, had an aged metal roof with several leaks. One of their biggest challenges was they needed a roof system that would restore their roof while allowing them to continue normal, day-to-day operations. This airport is the primary airport on Kauai and the main gateway for visitors, so there could be no business disruptions or closures during the application process. The airport is open 24/7 and is occupied throughout the day and evening. 

The AcryShield Restoration System (ARM) was selected as the ideal building material to get the job done with the least amount of disruptions. They chose to change the color of the existing roofs to a custom color, deep jungle green, to match the vibrant and beautiful green scenery surrounding the airport. National Coatings color specialists are able to color match the roof coatings to meet the specific needs of their clients; in this case, Lihue Airport was very happy with the outcome. (Click here for more information on colored coatings)

The ARM roof coating system provided the Lihue Airport with superior waterproofing, excellent reinforcement for seams, a leak-free and monolithic roof membrane, and most importantly - there was no business closure or disruptions! 



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Why the US Coast Guard Choose AcryShield Metal Roof Coatings

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Sep 02, 2014 @ 01:00 PM

004The United States Coast Guard hangar at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) was worn and aging. Facility maintenance employees were looking for a long-term solution that would provide cost savings, Title-24 approval, energy efficiency and they wanted to avoid a costly and timely roof replacement.

The 39,300 square foot hangar had several challenges that needed to be met. There were metal panels that required repair and maintenance. There were sections where rust needed to be removed, replaced and re-coated with a rust-inhibitive acrylic primer – RustShield A120. This ensured proper preparation of the rusted surfaces in order to provide excellent resistance and protection against flash rusting and corrosion. The hangar also required a durable coating that could withstand updraft from helicopter rotor blades during take off and landing.

National Coatings provided the US Coast Guard with the AcryShield® Roof Management (ARM) System along with the replacement and re-coating (RustShield A120) of heavily rusted sections. The metal roof coatings used in the ARM System provided additional protection to the metal roof from the harsh conditions of jet fuel and salt water in the air from the nearby ocean. The white reflective topcoat was Title-24 compliant and provided the US Coast Guard with a cooler temperature inside the large metal hangar.  036The AcryShield metal roof coatings are able to to reflect a majority of the heat away from the structure, prohibiting the building from absorbing much of the sun’s heat, resulting in a cooler environment inside the building. The US Coast Guard was pleased with their decision to use metal roof coatings to restore their hangar opposed to a full roof replacement which would have been much more costly and time intensive.

The AcryShield Roof Management System allowed the US Coast Guard to maintain their existing roof, eliminating any tear-off costs and loss of time due to tear-off procedures. This metal roof coatings system provided a sustainable and renewable solution allowing the US Coast Guard to extend their roof service life and lower roof maintenance costs indefinitely.

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Downside to Aluminum Roof Paint (aka Coating)

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Jul 01, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

Aluminum Roof Paint When considering a roofing system for your commercial roof, longevity, waterproofing, sustainability and durability are all necessary and important factors to research. While aluminum roof paint can provide durability and waterproofing, it poses some issues with sustainability and longevity. 

What is Aluminum Roof Paint

Aluminum roof coatings are solvent based formulated with asphalt, aluminum paste, moisture scavenger, fillers and hydrocarbon solvents. High quality aluminum roof paint options will contain high amounts of aluminum pigment to increase the reflectivity values.  ASTM D2824 –Standard Specification for Aluminum Pigmented Asphalt Roof Coatings provides resources and assistance in selecting an aluminum roof coating that is suitable for roofing applications.

Downside to Aluminum Roof Paint

FREE GUIDE:  Restore Your Aging  Roof with SiliconeThe greatest issue we have with aluminum roof coatings is its inability to adhere to other waterborne and acrylic roof coating systems in the future. This hinders its ability to be easily sustainable and renewable.  The aluminum flakes in the coating interfere with adhesion, making delamination a potential issue, increasing roof failures from occurring. Solvent-based primers can be used to support adhesion to the aluminum flakes; however, the bond between the coating and primer can still cause issues and many roof coating manufacturers shy away from the idea. We recommend contacting the roof coating manufacturer before construction begins.

Unlike acrylic coatings, aluminum coatings do not provide any waterproofing properties. They do increase reflectivity and UV protection to the roof substrate but do not improve appreciable mil thickness to the roof.  Acrylic roof coatings form a seamless, monolithic membrane when applied, creating a watertight, durable roofing substrate. Lastly, due to aluminum coatings being solvent based, they are typically higher in Volatile Organic Content VOC’s, causing unpleasant and potentially harmful odors during application. (Click here for more information on low VOC Roof Products).  

Roof coatings or roof paints are continually increasing in popularity because of their ability to be restored and renewed the current roof. They provide lower life-cycle costs, fewer disruptions to your business, lower roof maintenance costs and less hassle compared to traditional roof replacement. The sustainability factor for these roof-coating systems offer great over-all value and provides you with excellent longevity to your roof substrate.  

National Coatings offers sustainable roof restoration and roof maintenance systems that provide ultra-high reflectivity, durability, waterproofing, as well as, sustainability. All of our elastomeric roof coatings systems can be renewed, allowing you to extend your roof’s service life indefinitely.

To find out more about renewing your current roofing substrate and avoid a costly and timely roof tear-off, download our Full Line Brochure or check out our individual substrate brochures:

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