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Roof Maintenance Case Study Showing Life Cycle Cost & Savings

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Apr 07, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

Life Cycle Cost & Savings using a Roof Maintenance System 

F&A Federal Credit Union Case History


Size: 17,000 square feet
Location: Monterey Park, California

The building was originally covered with an EPDM product in 1992. In an effort to provide additional water protection, and decrease energy usage, the owners decided to coat the black EPDM surface white in 2000. Our AcryShield ARM system using base and top coats allowed the system to work Download our FREE Roof Coating Systems Benefits Brochureperfectly to decrease the electricity cost associated with a heavy air conditioning load. In 2010, despite having considerable life left in the coating system, the owners decided to re-coat again, to ensure the performance and energy saving further into the future.

The Project

  • Cleaned the roof using a pressure washer to optimize coating application.
  • The roof was coated with two coats of AcryShield A500 roof coating - forming a fully adhered, self flashing membrane over the existing, previously coated roof.
  • Walk pads were installed around hatches and rooftop ventilator units by fully adhering them with National Coatings' AcryFlex® sealant to protect the roof from potential damage caused by workers of other trades.

I was impressed with the ease of application of the National Coatings ARM EPDM Roof Maintenance System."
- John Eminhizer, owner of Inland Pacific Roofing


Life Cycle Cost & Savings

  • Original EPDM roof was installed in 1992 at an approximate cost of $51,000.
  • Original coating with AcryShield in 2000 at an approximate cost of $34,000.
  • Re-coated with AcryShield in 2010 at an approximate cost of $49,000.
  • RESULTS: The annual cost for the roof was only $0.44 per square foot per year. If the original roof was recovered with the original membrane, the cost would have been $85,000. If the two roofs were removed in 2010, as required by new building codes and replaced, the cost would be $102,000. Thus the cost would be $0.78 per square foot per year. This is a savings of $0.33 per square foot per year or 56% over the 18 year life.

"I love how cool the white keeps things on the inside of the building as well as how clean and white it looks from the top. F&A Credit Union values Inland Pacific Roofing's impeccable workmanship and service."
- Gina Salvucci, key contact at F&A Federal Credit Union



  • National Coatings AcryShield Roof Management System is a cost effective method for long term roof asset management.
  • The use of roof maintenance coatings can indefinitely defer re-roofing and the even higher cost of tear-off and replacement.
  • In this case, the ARM roof life cycle cost was 56% lower than the traditional re-roofing option.
  • This roof is a classic example of Sustainability: A roofing system that is designed, constructed, maintained, rehabilitated and demolished with an emphasis throughout its life cycle on using natural resources efficiently and preserving the global environment.


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Restore Your Roof to New While Saving Time and Money

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Apr 05, 2016 @ 11:30 AM


For 35 years, NCC's roof coating systems have been providing long-term cost advantages and sustainability using coatings that offer durability and protection, ease of application and overall return on investment. Our AcryShield roof coatings are designed to deliver superior waterproofing, strength, elasticity, adhesion and longevity to your roof by containing more UV blocking pigments and higher levels of polymers than other roof coatings in the industry.

Our roof coating systems are ideal for saving money and time by eliminating the need for a costly and timely roof tear-off. Roof restorations using AcryShield roof coatings allow you to restore your existing failing roof to new in less time, by avoiding a cumbersome tear-off, which requires roof removal and disposal, transportation time and special preparation stages. Roof tear-offs also require business closures and are very disruptive to the surrounding areas, especially the tenants inside the building.

When installing one of our AcryPly Roof Restoration Systems, AcryShield SPF Systems or one of our AcryShield Roof Management (ARM) Systems, your business can remain open as usual. All of these systems produce minimal noise and odor disruptions when installed. These restoration systems are spray applied directly on top of the existing roof, eliminating any noise from removal stages or any noise such as drilling, nailing or seam-welding. These systems contain ultra-low or even ZERO levels of VOC's to provide an odor-free, safe and environmentally-friendly work environment during the application process. 

AcryShield roof coatings meet and exceed rigorous standards set by building codes and energy conservation programs. (Interested in more on our credentials and ratings? Click here!) We partner with approved applicators to ensure you receive a truly sustainable roofing system that can last indefinitely. With a successful application and bi-annual roof maintenance, our systems can be renewed every 10 to 15 years to avoid a costly and timely roof tear-off forever. 

Download our FREE Roof Coating Systems Benefits Brochure


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White Roof Coatings Will Lower Your Building’s Electrical Utility Bill

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Mar 24, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

Asphalt.jpgElectrical utility companies use a pricing model called Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) where the cost per kilowatt-hour varies depending on the time of day. This pricing model charges a premium or higher rate during times of peak energy usage, such as during the hot afternoon in the summer.

White roof coatings provide an easy and cost effective way to reduce your building’s air conditioning usage, which will in turn, lower your electricity costs. Using a highly reflective, white roof coating redirects the sun’s heat away from the building, back into the atmosphere. This allows the building to remain cooler while absorbing only a minimal amount of heat into the structure.

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT: What's The Difference  Between "Cool Roof"  Versus A "Normal" Roof?Therefore, during peak energy periods where energy usage cost is higher, you won’t need to use your air conditioning as often or for as long in order to achieve a cool, indoor air temperature for your employees and customers.

There are several white roof coatings available in the roofing industry, it is important to research the reflective capabilities the coating is able to provide initially and at 3 years. The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) tests and rates reflective roofing products to provide consultants and building owners with these initial and 3 year unbiased results.

National Coatings' reflective roof coatings have been tested and rated by the CRRC to prove and guarantee that our top coats provide industry leading UV protection, longevity and brightness. They are formulated for superior dirt pick-up resistance and protection against biological attack, such as algae and mold. For a list of our CRRC rated products, click here

For more information on our Cool Roof Coating Systems and Products, download our FREE Product and Application Brochure!

The Ins & Outs of Cool Roof Terminalogy A FREE Guide to Cool Roof Jargon

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