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Top 3 Reasons Commercial Roofing Contractors like AcryShield Coatings

Posted by Nicole Gale on Wed, Feb 27, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

Performance, benefits and National Coatings’ helpful hand are just a few reasons commercial roofing contractors choose AcryShield Roof Coatings over the rest. 

Commercial Roofing Contractors

  1. Ease of Application and Quick Installation 

    AcryShield coatings create seamless, monolithic roofing membrane which are applied directly over the existing roof. Requiring no drilling, nailing or seam welding, AcryShield coatings save time and allow the building occupants to continue working during normal business hours. AcryShield coatings are spray-applied coatings allowing commercial roofing contractors to tailor the roofing membrane to meet the specific needs of the customers' roofing substrate. Roofing contractor and Owner of Inland Pacific Roofing, John Eminhizer says, "I was impressed with the ease of application of the National Coatings ARM EPDM Roof Management System."

    The AcryShield coating line leads the way for innovative products. National Coatings strives to make user-friendly products for commercial roofing contractors while creating high performance coatings that surpass building owner's expectations. AcryShield A590 is an ULTRA high reflective coating with superior UV protection, which has the additional benefit of being applied in a single pass. Using AcryShield A590 on a roof eliminates the traditional 2nd and 3rd passes an average coated roof requires. This saves commercial roofing contractors a lot of time and money. Gina Salvucci, an employee at the F&A Federal Credit Union, loves the reflectivity features of AcryShield coatings - "I love how cool the white keeps things on the inside of the building as well as how clean and white it looks from the top." Another superior coating that roofing contractors find very useful is our AcryShield A502 coating. This base coat can be directly applied over hard to coat Single-Ply membranes - TPO, EPDM, and Hypalon, without the need for any additional primers or etching rinses. This eliminates the additional priming step, as well as, the need for catching these caustic primers so they don't run down the building and into the city streets and gutters.
  2. Excellent Customer Service

    National Coatings is known for having superior products and always having a dedicated customer service staff. For this reason, we did not want to do the bragging ourselves.

    "The collaboration for the project with National Coatings was very helpful along the way. The change to the quick set product was accomplished on the fly and was a seamless effort due to the intimate association during the life cycle of the project. It would not have been successful otherwise as the timing was at the end of the season" Anthony J. Berzinas, Facilities Project Manager at California Lottery Commission

    "National Coatings Corporation was helpful from start to finish. We chose them because their products reduce waste going to landfills, they are environmentally friendly with lower installation costs. The coatings are energy efficient and can be maintained indefinitely. We are very happy with the performance of our new National Coatings roof!" Luiz Lopez, Project Manager for Health Care and Hospital Facilities across California 

    "I appreciate the effort that National Coatings put in to this [Reliant Stadium] project. National Coatings was very responsive to our needs in getting us the materials that we needed, when we needed them. Without the team effort from all players, this project could not have been completed on time." Larry Hubbard, Owner of Texas Commercial Finishes

    "The Google Salado building was our 6th AcryPly roof restoration job for Google's Campus in Mountain View, CA. Google is very adamant about using sustainable building practices and environmentally responsible materials. They also want as little disruption to the people working in the building as possible. Since the system is fluid applied - there is little disruptive noise and the acrylic does not put out noxious fumes. National Coatings Sales & Marketing Manager has helped us to transition to an all-acrylic system which Google and our technicians like even better." Scott Siemer, President of Just Leaks, Inc.
  3. Over 30 Years of Proven Performance 

    Commercial roofing contractors are like everyone else, they want assurance that what they are using is a quality product that will last a long time. National Coatings has been a leading commercial roofing system manufacturer for over 30 years. Our systems are in service on hundreds of millions of square feet of commercial and industrial roofs and walls. We have a collection of case histories for your reference and a list of several very pleased Fortune 500 Clients (Google, Apple, Honda, etc...) in Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution, Commercial Property Management, Major Retailing, Entertainment and Hospitality. 
Commercial Roofing Contractors

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Resolve to Re-New, Re-Use & Re-Store Your Current Roof!

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jan 24, 2013 @ 12:31 PM
Have you been putting your roof's needs aside month after month? Hoping that those leaks and problems will go away on their own? Resolve to solve your roofing issues this year by restoring your current roof.  

Restore Your Roof

Roof restoration WILL save you half the money and time while being environmentally friendly. Restoring your roof allows you to avoid a costly tear-off, while permitting you to stay open for business during the process. Nobody wants to temporarily close down their business, inconvenience their tenants, or upset customers because the buildings roof is not performing. Using an AcryShield Roof Restoration System allows you to renew your current roof giving you the complete benefits of a new roof. These systems even come with 10, 15, and 20 year warranties. AcryShield Roof Restoration Systems are seamless membranes, easy for contractors to install. The installation process produces a very minimal amount of noise inside the building, so tenants, employees and customers are not disrupted from their daily activities. These systems are put in place over your current roof; therefore, you are not adding building material to already over-flowing landfills.  By doing this, you are renewing your current roof materials to create an even stronger roof with watertight capabilities that have been proven for over 30 years. This function of renewal with the AcryShield Maintenance System does not end after one application, you are able to renew your roof indefinitely. In addition to providing your roof protection from heat and UV rays from the sun, the AcryShield Roof Restoration Systems also provides energy savings up to 30%.

Don't Wait! Call Today 800-423-9557 or fill out our form! 
Cool Roof

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Does National Coatings have Credentials and Ratings?

Posted by Nicole Gale on Wed, Aug 22, 2012 @ 11:00 AM

National Coatings Credentials and Ratings
YES! National Coatings has ratings and credentials on ALL of their roof coatings. Depending on your needs, we have products that meet all of the following ratings and approvals:
  • Energy Star guidelines
  • UL 790 Class A Rating
  • Factory Mutual (FM) Standard 4470 for Class 1 Fire, Windstorm & Hail Classification
  • ICC-ES
  • Accredited by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance
  • Approved by Florida Power and Light (FPL)
  • Approved by the California State Fire Marshall
  • Rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council
  • Compliant under California Title 24 codes  
  • Approved by Miami-Dade County

We also offer a wide variety of products that have fewer ratings to lower costs and meet the specific needs of your roof. To view our product lists and rating reports, visit our Credentials and Ratings page.

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