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Elastomeric Roof Coatings Waterproof Around Roof Equipment with no Hassle

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Feb 03, 2015 @ 11:30 AM

Most low-slope, commercial roofs have roof equipment on the roof ranging from HVAC or air-conditioning systems, drains, pipes, solar panels, skylights, satellite dishes and more. Roofing contractors know how labor intensive and time consuming it can be to waterproof around these areas. Often times you need a special waterproofing sealer and or primer, apart from the actual roofing material you are using to install the roof, in order to ensure proper waterproofing around these items. You also need to cut and account for dimensions when using a single-ply material or other prefabricated material. Elastomeric roof coatings solve these issues quickly and easily. 

Need Help? Contact a Roofing  Professional  Zero Obligation Elastomeric roof coatings are fluid applied, often sprayed. They create a monolithic, seamless roof membrane across the entire roof membrane – even around roof top equipment. The best way to apply an elastomeric roof coating is by using an airless sprayer (similarly to how they spray the outside of a house when contractors paint it). The elastomeric roof coatings go on the roof at a certain mil thickness, coating and covering the entire roof field. Pipes, drains, roof top equipment, etc… is also sprayed, covering and sealing all flashings, curbs, and joints to ensure a fully waterproofed roofing system. Sizing, cutting, seam welding of material and more is eliminated because the elastomeric roof coatings are installed in place on the roof top. As the coating dries, the ingredients bond together, creating a seamless fully custom tailored roofing system to meet each and every need your particular roof may have.

Often times it is difficult to get in between the equipment on the roof as spacing can be limited. Roofing contractors know all too well how difficult it can be to reach and waterproof certain areas on commercial roofs when applying prefabricated materials to the rooftop. Using elastomeric roof coatings allows you to aim and spray in those small, tight areas, covering and sealing the joints from the roof equipment and curbs along the sides of the rooftop without hassle.

Spraying a fluid applied roofing material can save several hours during installation. This in turn saves building owners a lot of money as labor time is decreased.  Waterproofing your building is the most important function of a roofing system. A monolithic roofing system provides the best waterproofing capabilities possible as there are no seams or areas that water can try to penetrate through – not even at the point of contact between the roof and the equipment that sits on top of it. 

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White Reflective Roof Coatings Maximize Solar Roof Panels Capabilities

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Dec 04, 2014 @ 11:49 AM

Kaiser_Antelope_Valley4_small-resized-600Solar roof systems are becoming more popular and affordable as they are being installed across the nation. With benefits such as financial savings, environmental pros, and protection against peak energy rates, its no wonder businesses are interested in installing solar panels on top of their roofs.

Solar works by converting the sun’s energy into direct current electricity, which is then converted by an inverter to alternating current. The current is then sent through a breaker box to enable power to electrical items inside the building. White reflective roof coatings reflect a majority of the sun’s energy away from the building. This allows the solar panels to capture the direct energy from the sun, as well as, the redirected energy from the white reflective roof coatings. Doubling the energy captured by the solar panels in order to create more power and electricity for the building. White reflective roof coatings maximize the use and capacity that the solar panels entail.

It is important to do your homework when selecting a white roof coating for your rooftop because not all white roof coatings have the same reflective capabilities. National Coating offers a range of white reflective roof coatings, some for standard purposes requiring less reflective capabilities and others (AcryShield A179 and A590) that can reflect up to 92% of the sun’s energy that hits the rooftop. A coating that can reflect that much of the sun’s energy is sure to maximize the energy the solar panels capture and at the same time, lower energy cooling costs inside the building because only 8% of the sun’s energy, aka heat is being absorbed into the rooftop.   

Cool Roof The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) is an excellent source for trustworthy and reliable solar reflectance and thermal emittance values. The CRRC tests numerous roofing products to provide accurate data showing the different levels of reflectivity and emittance values these cool roof products will deliver once installed on your rooftop. National Coatings has multiple white reflective roof coatings and cool roof systems that have been evaluated by the CRRC for initial and 3-year aged ratings – check them out here.

For more information on reflectivity regarding roof coatings download “The Ins and Outs of Cool Roof Terminology – a FREE Guide to Cool Roof Jargon

Or get more information about National Coatings’ AcryShield Roof Coating Product Line by downloading our Free Product and Application Brochure.

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