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The Sun's Heat is the Primary Cause of Roof Deterioration and Failures

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jun 09, 2022 @ 11:46 AM

1500073396676__685b95952-c1f1-441c-9772-7b17495d7c4aAs summer is quickly approaching, protecting your rooftop from the sun's damaging UV rays is essential. Many people do not realize the primary cause of roof leaks and pre-mature deterioration comes from the sun's powerful UV rays.

Over time, IR and UV radiation dries out the roofs surface, leading to an embrittled rooftop that cannot keep up with expansion and contraction that occurs during temperature fluctuations. A typical unprotected/non-Cool Roof can heat up to 160˚F and back down to 90˚F in a single Summer day. This wide difference in temperature causes the roof to significantly expand and contract leading to flashing and fastener failures if not properly protected. The UV rays cause brittleness and damage the surface of the roof, resulting in a thinner and less durable membrane.  Cracks and alligatoring can occur across the rooftop and the flexibility becomes compromised, leading to water penetrating into the building during the next rainfall.

Cool Roof Coating Systems Deliver Protection, Durability and Long-Term Waterproofing Solutions 

The good news is, all these issues can easily be resolved and/or avoided by installing a Cool Roof Coating System. The highly reflective roof coatings used in these systems protect your roof by reflecting the majority of the IR and UV radiation away from the roof, prohibiting the sun from causing temperature damage and embrittlement. By reflecting the sun's rays, the surface remains cooler and more flexible without premature weathering or aging and the inside of the building is able to remain much cooler in temperature - providing greater comfort and productivity to employees and tenants. 

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