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Sustainable Metal Roof Restoration Solutions

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Nov 10, 2022 @ 11:02 AM

Sustainable Metal Restoration final

National Coatings offers several roof restoration systems that allow building owners to restore their existing metal roof with an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective approach to solving your roofing needs. These systems provide an alternative to a metal roof replacement with half the cost and much less time and labor as well as several other added benefits.

A Cost Effective, Innovative Approach to Metal Roof Failures

Choosing a fluid applied roofing system to restore your aging, failing and/or leaking metal roof eliminates a roof tear-off completely. National Coatings acrylic roof coating systems have lower material costs and less labor intensive than traditional roofing options. Depending on the condition of your metal roof, your building can be fully reinforced or have customized reinforcement/replacement of weak areas and panels. These systems provide you with custom solutions for your roofs particular needs. 

Minimal Disruption to Activities Inside the Building

Our metal roof restoration systems allow you to operate your business as usual, with no loss of time to the tenants or occupants inside the building - allowing your business to stay open during application with minimal noise disruption and no harmful or strong odors.

Environmentally-Friendly and Sustainable

With the ability to renew your roof every 10-20 years, you can avoid a roof tear-off indefinitely; eliminating landfill waste and the additional costs associated with a roof removal and replacement project. Renewing your roof increases its ability to remain watertight while benefiting from a newly applied highly reflective surface.

Energy Efficient

The AcryShield roof coating line provides the roofing industry with some of the highest rated roof coatings for long term reflectivity and solar roof index (SRI). These top coats are specially formulated to lower energy cooling costs, provide superior UV protection against premature roof degradation and increase the overall roof life.

Custom Insulation

When choosing an AcryShield SPF Roof System over your aged metal roof, you have the additional benefit of custom insulation with R-values up to 6.5 per inch thickness with more thermal resistance using less material than any other type of commercial insulation material. This prevents transfer of heat, cold, sound and/or electricity - saving you more money associated with heating and cooling costs.

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