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Summer is the Perfect Time to Protect & Restore Your Roof

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Jul 14, 2020 @ 08:47 AM
Its Summer

Summer is the PERFECT time to find a roof coating system that meets your roofs needs. Dry, warm weather is ideal for the application of a Cool Roof Coating System - making the Summer an excellent time to renew or restore your roof.

Our acrylic and silicone Cool Roof Coating Systems offer multiple advantages over traditional roofing options as they:

  • Take Less Time for Installation & Application
  • Reduce Cooling Costs
  • Improve Comfort
  • Lengthen Roof Life Span
  • Provide True Sustainability - Re-coat your roof every 10-15 years to avoid a roof tear-off forever.
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Traditional roofing requires a roof tear-off after two roofs have been installed on a building. This is a building code law that is enforced and must be abided by; however, if you install a roof coating system, you can avoid a roof tear-off indefinitely. These coating systems do not bare the weight of a traditional roof, therefore they are exempt from this code.

When you restore your roof with one of our systems you save yourself time - no business closures, no tear-off stages, and an easy application process. You also save yourself money - there are no landfill fees and shorter construction time because the roof coating system is spray applied directly over your existing roof membrane. Business is conducted as usual - you don't lose production or sales efforts. Another advantage to roof coating systems is they are seamless. When applied, these systems are sprayed onto your rooftop allowing the coating to spread and bond together; filling gaps, seams, joints and cracks, covering necessary areas around pipes, drains and equipment - creating a durable, monolithic, custom installed, watertight roofing system particularly created for your individual roof.

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