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SPF Solar Ready Roofing System

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Oct 25, 2022 @ 11:51 AM

Haven Ave

Redwood City, California

National Coatings' SPF partner and industry leading SPF Roofing Contractor - Central Coating Company, installed the above SPF Solar Ready Roofing System for their client in Northern California. The SPF roof delivered a highly reflective roof top to optimize the newly installed solar panels and provides outstanding insulation. These newly added benefits result in lower energy usage and consumption which translates to a lower energy utility bill and a reduction in the buildings carbon footprint.

Custom Insulation

SPF is unique in that it provides multiple features in one product; insulation, waterproofing, air barrier and moisture control.  With high R-values heat and cold are prohibited from entering or escaping the building, maximizing the capabilities of heating and cooling equipment while using much less energy.

Cool Roofing

Cool roof technology reflects the sun’s heat and its damaging UV rays away from the rooftop while also emitting absorbed solar heat. This lowers the roofs surface and building temperature, enhances solar panel capabilities, protects the roof from premature aging and reduces cooling energy demands in buildings up to 50% - Ultimately, saving money, lowering maintenance costs and increasing the overall lifespan of the roof.

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