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SPF and High Performance Roof Coatings Deliver Cost Effective, Durable Solutions with MANY Benefits

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Sep 16, 2021 @ 10:00 AM
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SPF Coupled with High Performance Roof Coatings Deliver Cost Effective, Durable Solutions with MANY Benefits:

Custom Slope:

    • Spray foam can be applied using various thicknesses of SPF to create proper roof slope - resolving issues related to ponded water, drainage, algae and mold.

Waterproofing and Protection Starting Day ONE of Installation

Exceptional Insulation:

    • R-values up to 6.5 per inch thickness with more thermal resistance using less material than any other type of commercial insulation material.
    • Prevents transfer of heat, cold, sound and/or electricity.

Seamless, non-mechanically fastened roof coating systems protect against thermal shorts which can result in losing up to 48% of the effective insulation value due to mechanical fasteners.

    • Eliminates thermal bridging through fasteners and air movement through gaps in insulation boards.

Get Cost-Effective Roofing SOLUTIONSHigh Reflectivity:

    • Lower energy cooling costs
    • Superior UV protection against premature roof degradation
    • Prolonged roof life

Environmentally-friendly / Sustainable Roofing

    • Renewable directly over existing roof - eliminating landfill waste and the use of excess materials.

Fast Installation Process

Custom Colors for Aesthetics and to Match the Building

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Custom Waterproofing for Unique Situations and Around Difficult Penetrations:

    • Cold storage facilities

    • Clean rooms

    • Hospitals

    • Schools

    • Companies that are open and operating 24/7

    • Solar panel rooftops

    • Large amount of rooftop equipment


    • 40 Years of Proven Product Performance

    • Full System Warranties

    • Product Guarantee

    • Google, Apple, Hard Rock Stadium, Kauai Airport, etc… trust us!

Ideal for New Construction, Restoration and Maintenance

    • Fully adhered roofing system over existing roof (concrete, mod bit, single-ply, metal, asphalt, smooth BUR, wood) or roof deck

Spray Foam Brochure - The Most Dependable Roofing Solution Available