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Seal and Waterproof with Butyl Tape Metal Roof Products

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Jun 16, 2015 @ 11:30 AM

004Metal roofs respond extremely well to roof restoration installations. The metal roofs are initially installed by snapping sections of metal panels together, which are then fastened down with rubber grommet screws and finally all the seams are sealed with a sealant to create a watertight metal roof. Eventually, these seams wear down and begin to fail, leading to water penetrating the newly exposed seam, initiating the development of rust.

When restoring a metal roof that has been exposed to these conditions, National Coatings removes the rusted areas and uses a high performance rust inhibitive primer to protect the roof from any future rust growth. Then the roof is sealed and waterproofed with a butyl tape metal roof product to ensure a watertight building. This tape is 4-inches in width to provide complete coverage of all necessary seams on both edges of the panels. It has extremely high tensile strength, allowing the tape to stretch and expanding with the building, without breaking, ripping or tearing. The butyl tape used by NCC is polyester-reinforced for durability and consists of butyl rubber sealant for excellent sealing capabilities on edges and seams of metal roof panels. After the butyl tape is installed, a topcoat of roof coating is sprayed over the entire metal roof, covering the butyl tape. The building owner is left with a brand new, fully restored metal roof that has excellent waterproofing capabilities, reflectivity, strength and durability. This roof can be renewed in the future to prolong or avoid a roof tear-off indefinitely, saving the building owner a lot of time and money.

The butyl tape metal roof product provides these roof restoration systems with the following benefits:

  • Extremely Easy to Apply
  • Superior Adhesion to the Metal Surface
  • Instant Waterproofing
  • Long-Term Durability
  • Excellent Flexibility over a Wide Range of Temperature Fluctuations

For more information on restoring your aged, failing, rusting or leaking metal roof membrane, download our Free Metal Roof Brochure or contact one of our Roofing Professionals.

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