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Roof Coating System Benefits

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jan 05, 2023 @ 11:38 AM

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National Coatings’ roof coating systems provide superior benefits that other roofing options cannot - Exceptional value, quality, and watertight performance to name a few. Our roof coating systems provide ease-of-application, the ability to restore and renew existing roofs without a tear-off, excellent reflectivity – ultimately leading to energy cost savings and more. 

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Below you will find a compiled list of our roof coating benefits with links to articles that support these claims.

  1. Monolithic Seamless Membrane
    Benefits of a Seamless Roof Coating System

  2. Fully Adhered to Roof Deck
    Adhesion is Important when Applying an Elastomeric Roof Coating System

  3. Long-Term Durability
    1. Durable, Long Lasting, Sustainable Roofing Systems
    2. A Look Back....13 Years Later the Metal Roof at Lihue Airport is Performing Supremely

  4. Custom Reinforced 
    AcryShield Roof Management for Renewing and Restoring Roofs

  5. Wind Uplift Resistance
    AcryShield Roof Systems Provide Protection Against Extreme Wind Uplift and Severe Hail Damage over Structural Concrete Decks

  6. Superior Waterproofing
    Weatherproof Roofing - Roof Coating Systems Protect your Building from Water Penetration and Ponded Water

  7. Outstanding Insulation
    SPF Project with Outstanding Insulation Resulting in a 16.5% Energy Savings

  8. Avoids Costly Tear-Offs
    Sustainable White Roofing – Avoid a Roof Tear Off Indefinitely!

  9. Installed over Asphalt, Mod Bit, Single-Plies, Metal, Concrete and SPF
    What Types of Roofing Membranes Can White Roof Coatings Adhere To?

  10. Non-Disruptive to Tenants 
    1. Safe & Non-Disruptive Roof Restoration Project During Covid Lock Down
    2. Non-Disruptive, Quick, Cost Effective Roof Restoration Project Profile

  11. Environmentally-Friendly 
    Cool Roof Coating Systems are Environmentally-Friendly

  12. Acrylic Coatings 
    Acrylic Roof Coating Benefits

  13. Cost Effective 
    Cool Roof Coating Solution - AcryShield A590 - Saves Money & Energy Usage

  14. Quick Set-Up & Resistance to Early Wash-Off 
    AcryShield Quick Set Coatings

  15. No Costly Business Disruptions During Installation
    Roof Coating Systems Restore Aged Roofs without Business Closure

  16. Solar Ready Roofing
    1. Boost Solar Performance with Solar Ready Roof Coatings
    2. Highly Reflective Solar Ready Coating Options

  17. Unique Clean Room Roofing Options 
    Unique Project Profile: 24 Hour Manufacturer Requiring No Disruptions in Production

  18. Low Initial Cost
    Specifier's can Count on High-Quality, Long-Lasting Roofing Systems with Low Installation Costs when they Select National Coating's Roofing Systems for their Clients

  19. Long Term Performance History
    High Performance, Durable Roof Coating Product Performance

  20. Custom Tint/Color 
    Custom Colored Roof Coating Projects

  21. Low Life-Cycle Costs
    F&A Federal Credit Union Saved 56% of Total Cost Restoring Their Roof

  22. Sustainable/Renewable
    1. Reclaim, Reuse, Restore Your Current Roof
    2. Profile: Deteriorating Roof with Leaks Restored - A Cost Effective, Environmentally-Friendly Solution

  23. Cool Roof
    1. Benefits of Cool Roofing
    2. AcryShield A590 - Highest Rated 3-Year Solar Reflectance Values by CRRC

  24. Reduces Cooling Energy Usage
    - Cool Roofs Lower Maintenance Costs and Energy Cooling Costs

  25. No or Low VOC’s
    National Coatings Offers 16 Super-Compliant SCAQMD Coating Products

  26. Exceptional Credentials and Ratings
    What Sets National Coatings Apart: Credentials and Ratings

  27. Product Guarantees
    Information on National Coatings’ Product Guarantees, Warranties and Approved Applicators

  28. Full System Warranties – 10, 15 and 20 Year
    1. Get a New Roof with a Full System Warranty!
    2. Profile: Kaiser Permanente Received New SPF Roof with a 20 Year Full System Warranty

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