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New Project Profile: Hawaiian Cold Storage Grocery Facility

Posted by Nicole Gale on Mon, Apr 18, 2022 @ 05:05 PM

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SPF & Coatings Deliver Outstanding Energy Savings with High Performance Insulation & High Reflectance Coating at 30% Less than the Initial Single-Ply with Rigid ISO Insulation Proposals

Size: Approximately 41,000 square feet

Location: Honolulu, HI

Contractor: MRC Roofing, LLC

Products: SRC740 Silicone, AcryShield Vapor Barrier A410 and SPF

Challenges: Time Constraints, Harsh UV Rays, Condensation

  • A highly reflective system was necessary to combat the harsh Ultra-Violet rays from the South Pacific sun.
  • Roof had several different types of metal roofing added over a 30-year period with several different levels.
  • Time constraints due to cold storage facility operations and requiring insulation immediately at start up.
  • Condensation under board stock insulation could only be resolved with the SPF and coating combination.

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Solution: SRC Silicone SPF Roofing System

  • SPF delivered a quick solution and added insulation to the roof and interior walls of the facility to provide outstanding protection against heat and cold transfer.
  • AcryShield A410 vapor barrier prohibited moisture from penetrating the foam above the freezers and the cold storage facility as those areas have a greater than normal vapor drive.
  • SRC740 silicone top coat added UV protection and a highly reflective, bright white roof top to combat the building from absorbing the sun’s intense heat.
  • NCC’s roofing system was 30% less expensive than single-ply options offered during bidding and provided energy usage and cost savings advantages.

The outcome has resulted in the building owner using less electricity than expected, “The whole roof is covered with solar panels, and they decided how much electricity they would need to operate the building and put panels on the roof that they thought they’d need,” said Coleman, project foreman for MRC Roofing. “They just went with generic calculations for what it would take to keep it cold, and the energy savings from the SPF far exceeded those calculations.” That means that “the solar array they put on was way too big, so they’re producing a lot of extra energy than they thought they needed. There’s nothing like exceeding your client’s expectations!”

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National Coatings’ Partnership with MRC Roofing, LLC MRC Roofing has over 40 years of experience installing spray foam in Hawaii. MRC Roofing provides the highest quality roofing services and
craftsmanship for residential, commercial and industrial facilities in Honolulu.

National Coatings is proud to call MRC Roofing a partner, as well as, one of our Approved Applicators. Approved Applicators are based on several criteria covering overall business operations and performance history in quality workmanship and roof installations. “The combination of National
Coatings’ SPF Systems and MRC Roofing’s quality workmanship provides clients with durable, long-term roofing solutions for their commercial and industrial buildings in Hawaii” said Jason Simms, National Coatings’ Director, Pacific Rim.


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