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NCC's Most Popular Acrylic Coatings

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Feb 18, 2020 @ 10:00 AM

Popular Acrylic Roof Coatings

Standard Acrylic Coatings

  • AcryShield A400 has Unique Asphalt Bleed-Blocking Properties Excellent for Top Coat Over Asphalt

  • AcryShield A500 is excellent over Asphalt, Single-Ply, SPF, Metal & Concrete Roofing

  • AcryShield A510 is excellent in place of A500 in areas where additional fire retardant packages are not required
    A510 can be applied over asphalt, single-ply, SPF, metal and concrete roofing. 

Base Coats
  • AcryShield A502 base coat directly adheres hard to coat surfaces such as Hypalon, TPO, EPDM, & PVC Roofing
    without the need for additional primers or an etching rinse.

  • AcryShield A503 base coat is designed to adhere to asphalt, mod bit and concrete surfaces, allowing for superior protection against ponded water and eliminating the need for costly roof replacement.

Unique Coatings
  • AcryShield A550 urethane-like strength and elongation properties, this acrylic product is excellent for superior protection against foot traffic and physical abuse.

  • AcryShield A590 has ULTRA high reflectance with superior UV protection. It lowers air conditioning energy costs, reduces roof degradation, and prolongs the lifespan of the roof. 
  • AcryShield Fast Setting base and top acrylic roof coatings are specifically formulated to resist early wash-off associated with heavy dew and light rain: A600, A610 and A640.

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