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Leaking Metal Roof Restored with a Solar Ready, AcryShield® SPF System

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Nov 17, 2022 @ 11:45 AM

Two Buildings with Leaking Metal Roofs, Restored using AcryShield® Roof Coatings & SPF for a Watertight, Insulated and Cost-Effective Solution

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SPF roofing contractors, Central Coating Company fully restored two leaking metal roofs using an AcryShield SPF Roof Restoration System.

The Produce Packing facility located in Northern California was experiencing several common roof issues with their current aging metal roof. The roofs were leaking, had condensation build-up and some of the metal panels were weak and not performing as intended. They needed a watertight, cost-effective solution that would be good for the environment and provide energy efficiency benefits. With plans in the near future to add solar panels to the roof, the building owner wanted a system that would compliment the solar panel capabilities. 

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A Solar Ready, AcryShield® SPF Roof Restoration System

Central Coating Company offered them National Coatings' Solar Ready, AcryShield SPF Roof Restoration System as it checked off all their needs and provided them with additional benefits. The SPF System delivered excellent waterproofing, condensation control, durability and strength across the entire roof surface and an insulated barrier for the cold storage facility. The SPF coupled with the bright white, highly reflective roof coatings lowered energy usage and consumption costs for the building. These highly reflective coatings will also provide optimal reflection from the roof to the solar panels for increased energy savings. 

The Produce Packing Facility was very pleased with receiving a watertight, energy efficient, durable roof that eliminated the need for a metal roof removal and replacement. The AcryShield SPF Roof Restoration System also came with a renewable 20-year full warranty.

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