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Hot Weather Fuels Desire for Cool Roofing

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Aug 07, 2014 @ 12:30 PM

capsheet_beforeThe West Coast as well as much of the country has been experiencing a hot summer with high temperatures, which has lead to an increase in air-conditioning usage.  Building owners and tenants are seeing a spike in their energy costs, as it is expensive to cool the inside of a building during the hot summer months. Cool roofing provides an excellent solution to reducing air-conditioning usage, energy consumption costs and creates a more comfortable work environment.

Data has been around for years proving the effectiveness cool roofing offers to cut energy costs. According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Heat Island Group “Black surfaces in the sun can become up to 90˚F hotter than the most reflective white surfaces”. This means a black surfaced roof absorbs a large amount of heat from the sun, causing the inside of the building to become warmer. Cool roofing systems reflect the majority of the sun’s heat away from the building, absorbing substantially less heat into the building, allowing for a cooler environment and increased occupant comfort. Download our FREE "Cool Roof" vs "Normal" Roof Guide for more information on traditional roofing versus cool roofing.

capsheet_afterThe Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) has gathered data on cool roof products since 1998 and found “typical cooling energy savings of 10-30% in cooling energy and an extension in the life of cooling equipment” from using cool roof products.  The CRRC is an excellent resource for credible solar reflectance and thermal emittance values.  They test multiple roofing products to provide accurate data showing the levels of reflectively and emittance values these cool roofing products will provide once installed on your building. National Coatings has several cool roof coatings and cool roof systems that have been evaluated by the CRRC for initial and 3-year aged ratings – check them out here. Make sure you do your research – a cool roof coating with high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance values will provide your building with the best Ultra-Violet (UV) and heat protection from the sun – resulting in cooler ambient air temperature inside the building, prolonged roof life and lowered roof maintenance costs.

To learn more - download “The Ins and Outs of Cool Roof Terminalogy – a FREE Guide to Cool Roof Jargon

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