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High Performance, Durable Roof Coating Product Performance

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Mar 11, 2021 @ 06:00 AM
national-coatings-headquartersFor 40 years, National Coatings has successfully developed some of the most useful, highly anticipated and needed roof coating products and systems to the roofing industry. Our  innovative, durable, long-lasting products have provided contractors with ease of application, fewer steps to roof restoration, and faster project completion. We've enabled building owners and tenants to restore their leaking/failing roofs without business disruptions, closures, or costly landfill fees. Our coatings and systems promote environmentally-friendly initiatives by providing renewable and sustainable roofing that delivers energy-efficiency, non harmful chemicals/odors, and no landfill waste.      
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National Coatings has engineered roof coating formulations to achieve a product line containing:

  • Advanced UV blocking pigments
  • High performance polymers providing strength, elasticity, adhesion and durability
  • Low or zero VOCs
  • Few water sensitive ingredients
  • Advanced microbial protection 

Our roof coatings meet rigorous standards set by:Download our FREE Roof Coating Systems Benefits Brochure

  • ASTM
  • AIA
  • FM
  • ICC-ES
  • UL
  • CRRC
  • Miami-Dade County
  • LEED.

NCC was heavily involved in the transition to ASTM D6083 - The standard for a liquid applied acrylic coating used in roofing that provides the marketplace with objective performance criteria. Read more about ASTM D6083.

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