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Gain 20+ Unmatched Benefits and an Excellent Return on Your Investment with a Roof Coating System

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jun 28, 2018 @ 10:30 AM

specialty_coating_picRoof coating systems deliver outstanding benefits and long-term performance without a costly roof replacement. Restoring your commercial or industrial low-sloped roof gives you exceptional value, superior durability, and outstanding watertight performance. Check out our list with supporting articles of the top 20 plus reasons a National Coatings’ roof coating systems will benefit your aged and/or failing roof:

  1. Monolithic Seamless Membrane: Benefits of a Seamless Roof Coating System

  2. Fully Adhered to Roof Deck: Adhesion is Important when Applying an Elastomeric Roof Coating System

  3. Durable Elastomeric Roof Coatings: Importance of Choosing a DURABLE Elastomeric Roof Coating

  4. Custom Reinforced
: 3 Elements Commercial Roofing Systems Need to Possess and Roof Coating Can Provide

  5. Wind Uplift Resistance: SPF Roofing is Ideal for Extreme Wind Uplift Protection and Waterproofing

  6. Thick Waterproofing: Weatherproof Roofing - Roof Coating Systems Protect your Building from Water Penetration and Ponded Water

  7. Avoids Costly Tear-Offs: Sustainable White Roofing – Avoid a Roof Tear Off Indefinitely!

  8. Installed over Asphalt, Mod Bit, Single-Plies, Metal, Concrete and SPF: What Types of Roofing Membranes Can White Roof Coatings Adhere To?

  9. No Unpleasant or Harsh Odors During Installation

  10. No Costly Business Disruptions During Installation: Roof Coating Systems Restore Aged Roofs without Business Closure

  11. Low Initial Cost: Specifier's can Count on High-Quality, Long-Lasting Roofing Systems with Low Installation Costs when they Select National Coating's Roofing Systems for their Clients

  12. Long Term Performance History: NCC Celebrates 36 Years of Superior Products, Service and Expertise.

  13. Low Life-Cycle Costs:Life Cycle Cost & Savings Study on AcryShield Roof Coatings

  14. Sustainable/Renewable:Roof Coating Systems Are Truly Sustainableand Cool Roofs Improve Sustainability for Aged Commercial Roofing

  15. Cool Roof: Benefits of Cool Roofing

  16. Energy Savings: Reflective Roof Coatings Save on Energy Cost

  17. ZERO or Low VOC’s: VOC Regulations Influence Contractors Selection of Roof Coatings

  18. Product Guarantees: Information on National Coatings’ Product Guarantees, Warranties and Approved Applicators

  19. Full System Warranties – 10, 15 and 20 Year: Get a New Roof with a Full System Warranty

  20. Custom Colored Roof and Logos: AcryShield Roof Coatings - Custom Tinting Available for Precise Color Match

  21. Silicone and Acrylic Technology: Roof Maintenance Systems using Silicone or Acrylic Roof Coatings

  22. Environmentally Friendly: 4 Factors that make a Roof Coating System Environmentally Friendly

  23. Highly Rated Roof Coating Products: Title 24, Energy Star, UL, FM, CRRC, Miami-Dade, ICC-ES, LEED, CA Fire Marshall and Manufacturer of Low Volatile Organic Content Ratings and Credentials

No matter what kind of roof you currently have, (built-up, single-plies, metal, SPF and even concrete decks), we have a roofing system that will allow you to extend your current roof, not just marginally, but as long as you want it to last.

For more information on our roof coating systems and products, download our Free Acrylic or Silicone Roof Coating Brochures or call us TODAY 800-423-9557

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