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Do AcryShield Roof Coatings come in Multiple Colors?

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Oct 02, 2014 @ 01:00 PM

YES! National Coatings has the capabilities to create any colored coating necessary to match your building, roof, logo, etc… Most of our roof coatings come in four standard colors – White, Sand, Light Gray and Dark Gray; however, our dedicated color technicians can color match our roof coatings to any color you need. Tinted or colored AcryShield roof coatings remain vibrant in color providing excellent long-term color retention.

A few years ago, National Coatings had the opportunity to coat the Reliant Stadium, home of the Houston Texans Football Team. Reliant Energy owns this stadium and at the time, they were changing their corporate logo and needed to update their branding on the Reliant Stadium TPO roof. National Coatings not only had the capabilities to color-match the roof coatings exactly to Reliant Energy’s new logo, but they also were also able to coat over the TPO roof, which is traditionally very difficult to coat over due to adhesion issues that the AcryShield A502 solves. (Download our FREE Brochure on Direct Adhesion to Single-Ply)


Metal roofs’ are another popular roof substrate that often require roof coatings that color coordinate with their existing roof and/or building. Below are a few examples:

Hundley Hardware – click here for full case history


Lihue Airport, Kauai, HI – click here for full case history


For more information on National Coatings’ roof coating capabilities, download our FREE Full Line Product Brochure. If you would like more information regarding roof coatings, download our Free Buyers Guide to Roof Coatings.

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