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Cool Roof Coatings Protect Your Roof from the Damaging Sun

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jun 07, 2018 @ 08:00 AM


As hot weather is quickly approaching, protecting your rooftop from the sun's damaging UV rays with a highly reflective cool roof coating system is ideal. Many people do not realize the primary cause of destruction and pre-mature deterioration to your roof comes from the sun's powerful UV rays.

The IR and UV radiation from the sun causes harm to the roof by drying out the surface. The IR radiation promotes temperature damage as it can heat the surface of an unprotected rooftop up to 160˚F and back down to 90˚F in a single day. This wide range of temperature fluctuation causes the roof to significantly expand and contract, leading to flashings and fastener failures. Over time, IMG_0016these areas are not able to keep up with the movement of the roof, causing the fasteners and flashing to loosen or fall off. The UV radiation from the sun causes brittleness and destroys the surface of the membrane, making it thinner and less durable.  Cracks and alligatoring can occur across the rooftop and the flexibility becomes compromised, leading to water penetrating into the building during the next rainfall.

These issues can be easily resolved by installing a Cool Roof Coating System. The highly reflective roof coatings used in these systems protect your roof by reflecting the majority of the IR and UV radiation away from the roof, prohibiting the sun from causing temperature damage and embrittlement. By reflecting the heat away from the rooftop, the roof only absorbs a minimal amount of the heat, keeping the roof much cooler in temperature, allowing it to remain flexible without premature weathering or aging. 

specialty_coating_picThe AcryShield High Reflectance A590 white roof coating, reflects up to 92% of the sun’s radiation, meaning only 8% of the heat on a hot summer day will be absorbed into the building. Cool Roof Coating Systems are favored by building tenants and owners because they are able to keep the inside air temperature of the building cooler without using the air conditioning system as often. This is an excellent way for tenants and building owners to save a great amount of money on their energy utility bills and put less stress on their HVAC equipment, allowing them to last longer. The ability to reflect the sun’s heat also lengthen your roofs' lifespan, lower roof maintenance costs, and protects your rooftop from premature aging.

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