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Cool Roof Coatings Promote Sustainability for Aged and Failing Commercial Roofs

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jul 26, 2018 @ 08:00 AM

NC-CoolRoofSystemsLooking for the quickest and easiest way to fix and solve your roofing issues? Cool Roof coating systems not only promote sustainability by improving use and reuse of its materials to reduce landfill waste, promote energy savings, and extend the service life of the roof but they also restore your aged and failing roof to a brand new, seamless, highly reflective, watertight rooftop without the need for a costly and time consuming roof tear-off and replacement.

The installation of a National Coatings’ Cool Roof System is very easy and is usually done during business hours without disruptions to the occupants or tenants inside the building. These roofing systems are spray applied directly over the existing rooftop and are non-intrusive - meaning there is no drilling, nailing, seam welding, or use of harmful or strong chemicals. These systems can add an additional 10 to 20 years to the existing roof life and can also be recoated every 10 plus years to avoid a roof replacement indefinitely. The highly reflective coatings used in these Cool Roof Systems offer significant energy savings as they contain UV blocking pigments that reflect a majority of the sun’s heat away from the building, keeping the inside a cooler, more pleasant temperature while using less energy to cool the building.

Want to restore or renew your roof and gain sustainability, waterproofing, and energy cost savings? Call National Coatings at 800-423-9557 or fill out our Contact Us Form and we will set you up with a roofing professional to take a look at your roof. Download our FREE Benefits Brochure for additional information on cost-savings, energy efficiency and eco-friendly benefits that our Cool Roof Coating Systems offer.

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