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Choose from 3 AcryPly Roofing Systems to Solve Your Roofing Needs

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Jan 26, 2023 @ 11:25 AM

AcryPly 3 Systems

Need a technology-driven commercial roofing system that extends the life of your roof with less roof maintenance? Consider our high performance reinforced, fully-adhered and seamless AcryPly® Commercial Roofing Systems. With these commercial roofing systems you benefit from the latest product and installation advances in environmentally-friendly water-based coatings that include reinforced asphalt emulsion and Cool Roof elastomerics. You can custom-reinforce your roof restoration for extra toughness under adverse service conditions, and you benefit from long-term warranty options and the added confidence of using qualified professional applicators.

Three Systems to Choose From:

All Acrylic
  • The AcryPly All Acrylic System offers outstanding renewable, watertight, long-lasting weatherproofing capabilities with industry leading UV protection, longevity and brightness. The acrylic top coats are formulated for superior dirt pick-up resistance and protection against biological attack, such as algae and mold. Where existing aged roof substrates are smooth, such as with single-plies (EPDM, Hypalon, PVC and TPO) an all acrylic AcryShield system may be used. 
Acrylic and Emulsion
  • These systems offer the same great benefits of the All Acrylic System but is specifically formulated for use over aged asphalt, BUR and mod bit roofs. The Pro-Grade® 197 Asphalt Emulsion economically fills in any cracks and voids typically found in asphalt roofing, providing an added level of waterproofing and an excellent foundation upon which to build the balance of the membrane. 
Acrylic + Silicone
  • These systems contains high solids, low VOC's, while offering a one-component, moisture-curing silicone roof coating system to restore and repair your existing roof.  With its high solids content and absence of hydrocarbon solvents, this coating can be applied in excess of 40 mils in a single coat without blistering, while maintaining maximum adhesion.  

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Key Benefits:

Superior Protection
  • Durable weatherproofing. Much more resistant than traditional roofing to general chemical attack from precipitation and vent emissions.
  • Total UV blocking. Protects against the main cause of roof leaks and failure.
  • Superior reinforcement. 
Less Labor and More Safe
  • Often applied over existing roofs without costly tear-off and landfill waste.
  • No irritating and unpleasant odors.
  • No dangerous temperatures, hot asphalt or torches -- Only environmentally-friendly water-based systems.
  • Crews achieve much higher productivity.
  • Your money goes into safe, "sustainable technology" materials, not excess labor. 
Cool Roof Solution
  • The latest in highly reflective acrylic roof coating technology.
  • Advanced chemistry resistant to dirt pickup.
  • Reflectivity up to three times greater than dark BUR, EPDM, and ModBit roofing, means large energy savings and less roof maintenance for fast paybacks on roof investments.
  • Keeps heat off your roof, reducing membrane stress and heat-accelerated degradation. 
Maximum Flexibility
  • Can be applied to the broadest range of substrates including BUR, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, PVC, TPO, Hypalon, Metal and Transite.
  • Very adaptable for high-rise buildings.
  • No inconvenience to occupants during application.
  • Installation can be phased based on your highest priority problem areas and budget constraints.

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