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Case Study Using AcryShield Quick Set - Fast Setting Roof Coatings

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Oct 06, 2016 @ 11:00 AM
Case Study using AcryShield Quick Set

California Lottery Commission 


Size: 177,500 Square Feet
Location: Sacramento, California

Challenge - Severely Deteriorating, Leaking Roof
  • 10 year old failing PVC membrane.
  • Numerous cracks and badly crazed.
  • Over 250 documented leaks.
  • Provide a sustainable roofing system with excellent adhesion and resistance to plasticizer, (a key component in PVC roofing membranes that prevents cracking) migration.
Solution - AcryPly® Restoration System  
  • Seamless, energy efficient roofing system featuring a fully adhered, leak free 120 mil membrane.
  • Evening installation with heavy dew that CA_Lottery_After_2deposited on the roof during the evening was completed using AcryShield Quick Set roof coating.
  • Costly recover or tear-off was not required; repairs and coating were completed at only a fraction of the cost of a recover roof.
  • Substantial energy savings. 

With their new National Coatings AcryPly Cool Roof System, California Lottery Commission has restored a severely leaking PVC roof, avoided spending a substantial amount of money on a tear off and gained energy efficiency by reducing air conditioning costs and the production of greenhouse gases.

"The collaboration for the project with National Coatings was very helpful along the way. The change to the Quick Set product was accomplished on the fly an was a seamless effort due to the intimate association during the life cycle of the project. (Would not have been successful otherwise as the timing was at the very end of the season)."
- Anthony J. Berzinas, Facilities Project Manager at California Lottery Commission


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