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Does Metal Roof Paint - aka Metal Roof Coating - Reduce Corrosion on my Metal Roof?

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Apr 29, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Metal roof paintTo begin this article, we’d like to explain the term metal roof paint and metal roof coatings often referred to each other as the same. While this is fine with us, we will use the term metal roof coating because the word “coating” is the proper terminology as these products are thicker, more flexible and last longer than traditional paint. A paint could not provide the protection and durability a roof needs in order to survive the sun’s UV ray exposure, as well as, other harsh elements a roof endures throughout the year.

Now, back to the question – Do metal roof coatings reduce corrosion on my metal roof? YES! Coatings are excellent at reducing and inhibiting further rust from developing. The RustShield A120 is an excellent primer for metal roofs because it was specifically engineered to combat flash rusting and provide outstanding corrosion protection.

Metal roof paintNext you are probably wondering how do you restore a metal roof that has rust corrosion? Well, on a typical aged metal roof, rust exists. In these areas, the rust must be removed either by cutting the sections of metal out that have rusted all the way through or by using a rust-inhibiting primer (RustShield A120) to stop the rust from spreading further. Butyl tape is then placed on all seams and screw penetrations and a polyester fabric is then embedded into the base coat at these areas to ensure a fully sealed and waterproof roof membrane. Lastly, an AcryShield acrylic topcoat with high reflectivity and durability is applied.  These topcoats can be color matched to your liking (see the picture below). Our topcoats provide excellent UV protection, longevity and are formulated for superior dirt pick-up resistance.

Metal roof paint

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