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What is the Ideal Weather Condition for Roof Maintenance using Acrylic Roof Coatings?

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Apr 22, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

roof maintenanceWhen applying a roof maintenance system over your existing roof, the preferred weather conditions are dry with low humidity. While these conditions are the ideal conditions, using an AcryShield Quickset product can allow for added application time during high humidity, light rain and heavy dew.

National Coatings recommends checking the projected weather forecast to insure no rain is predicted for the immediate future. It is important to allow for plenty of time to permit the coatings to set and cure guaranteeing a monolithic, leak-free surface. Roof maintenance systems should be applied in temperatures exceeding 50F to avoid curing issues and freezing. Wind should be minimal when spray applying as each square foot requires a certain amount of roof coating thickness to provide optimal protection and coverage to your building. Windscreens can be used to avoid over-spray to near-by buildings and parking lots.

While some coatings are not recommended in high humidity, light rain or heavy dew, National Coatings has a line of Quickset base coats and top coats that provide excellent resistance to early wash-off during these conditions. A surface tension is created, allowing for a greater window of opportunity to complete your roof maintenance job. For more information on these Quickset products, download our FREE Quickset Brochure and find out how you can benefit from one of these coatings that provide optimum adhesion to Asphalt, Single-Ply, Metal, SPF and Concrete roofing.

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