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3 Common Applications for Roofing Repairs Using a Roof Coating

Posted by Nicole Gale on Tue, Apr 01, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

We want to begin this blog by stating National Coatings never suggests or promotes patching or repairing sections of your roof without consulting us first - Call us! We truly are here to help you 800-423-9557. We suggest this specifically because some roofing materials contain ingredients that are incondusive to coatings and when sections of your roof contain these materials, it becomes a much more strenuous process to preserve and restore your existing roof. It can also potentially eliminate your option to save money and restore your existing roof by adding a Roof Maintenance or Restoration System. Thus forcing you into a roof tear-off, which is an expensive and timely project.  

Okay, so let us begin. The three most common applications for roofing repairs when applying a roof coating are the following: airless spray machine, a roller and a brush/broom.

roofing repairs

Airless Spray Machine

Using an airless spray machine is an ideal tool for applying roof coating over a roof because it allows you to cover large sections of the roof with less labor and time. These machines pump and disperse the roof coating through a spray tip, spraying a consistent and even amount of coating onto the roof surface. It is recommended that the coating be applied in several cross-directional layers to confirm full coverage. You must keep in mind that wind can create issues with uniformity so be sure to either check the weather conditions before application or make sure you have a wind shield to avoid overspray.


Rollers for roof coating are similar to rollers for painting. They come in short-nap, medium-nap and long-nap lengths depending on your needs. In some circumstances you will need a specialized roller to ensure full coverage over uneven surfaces and seams. Rollers offer consistency of coating thickness and placement. This application method for roofing repairs is more time consuming than using a spray machine, but may provide better consistency and outcome if you are not too familiar or comfortable with a fast spraying roof coating machine. 

Brush or Broom

Using a brush or soft-bristle broom for roofing repairs is ideal in small areas only. You do not want to coat the entire roof surface with just a brush or broom.  This application method can be beneficial for small areas and those that require a little extra attention to detail for either aesthetics or waterproofing. 

National Coatings provides application guidelines for all of our roofing systems. Make sure you follow the guidelines recommended to ensure proper application and coverage of the roof coating system you choose.  Often times, a spray machine and  roller or even a combination of the three methods discussed above are great tools to have accessible while completing a roofing repair project.

For more information, check out our Guide for Selecting Roof Coating Spray Equipment or contact us!

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