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Can I apply roof coatings in the early spring?

Posted by Nicole Gale on Thu, Mar 20, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

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We are rapidly approaching the beginning of the waterborne roof coating application season where climates and temperatures are typically still fluctuating depending on your geographical location. 

Contractors need to know the limits of a roof coating application in order to plan for a successful project and not have problems with coating wash-off or freezing.  Here are a few simple guidelines to follow to insure a successful project.

1. First, be certain the roof substrate is dry before applying new coating. This means all the dew has evaporated and insuring the base or intermediate coating are fully dried before applying a fresh coating. If the roof is dark in color where the substrate is dark, or the base coat is dark, the roof will dry more quickly than if the surface is light in color, such as a white single-ply. Using a National Coatings Quick-Set product is ideal for resisting early-wash off during light dew.

2. Be sure the air temperature is at least 50°F and rising during the coating application process. 

3. Check the short-range weather forecast for dew or frost warnings.  It is imperative that coating application be terminated 4 hours before sunset and

30-60 minutes before any possible light rain or mist. This should allow time for the coating to skin over and prevent wash off.  (Don’t let light rain or dew stop you! Download our Quick-Set Brochure for more information.) Never coat when there is a chance of frost before the coating has dried. 

4. If hard frost or extended cold weather is forecast, be sure to store unused roof coating in a warehouse or environment where the temperature is above freezing. Typically, if coating in a can or drum freezes, it is unusable.

5. Obviously, the same rules apply for waterborne coating application in the early spring. 

In summary:  The key to a successful roof coating application in the early spring is to pay careful attention to the short range weather forecast, and not "push the weather envelope". 

For any additional questions, please contact your National Coatings sales representative or go to our contact us page and send us an email!


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